Thursday, August 30, 2007


Nick here..

Some of the best news has come to me today. According to both my surgeon (who I believe to be a brilliant man) and my chemo doctor agree that they see no visible tumor activity from both the PET scan and MRI scan that I took yesterday and today. This most likely means that the tumor is dead and is pretty much only scar tissue. So I will have outpatient surgery (procedure will take approximately 2 hours) done on the 6th of September, where they will go up through my gumline (so no visible scars will be on this pretty little face of mine) and take out what they can and send it off to a lab where they will determine under a microscope whether or not they tumor is truly dead or not. IT WILL BE, I KNOW IT. I should recover in 2 weeks and then start chemo again. Now, depending on the lab results, I will either do 2 more chemo rounds, or more if they find cancer activity in the tissue.

I am so happy today and cannot help but smile everywhere I go for no reason. It just goes to show you that if you believe enough you can do anything you want. The doctors told me at the beginning that they predicted a year of treatments.... and I told my dad, "watch, I will be done in 6 months." And if everything goes well it will be 6 months.

Tonight to celebrate I went out with my girlfriend, Rob, and Mandee to the new mall in Ogden. We did some golactic bowling, and just walked around. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to stay out longer, but by 10:30 I was beat and made sure we were home by 11. HA



Chris Ulvin said...

Joy of Joys Nick
Pslam 136
Love from your smiling aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Hello Nick
I guess I need to stop smiling as it seems I can't do two things at the same time - like smile and spell. Read Psalm 136. Love, aunt Chris

Beci said...


YIPEEEEE!!! I have tears of joy running down my face...I'm so happy for you and your entire family! I told you the power of the mind and prayers create miracles everyday! But then you didn't need me to tell you already believed it!

My prayers will continue to be with you throughout your surgery!!

Love, Beci :)

Jim Milonas said...

Yea God! Yea Nick!

dan said...

absolutely outstanding!!! I am very happy that things are going well for you. keep praying and stay stong
p.s. if you ever need any help with your bike let me know ;)

Anonymous said...

Whooah!! Good news. SFC Sanchez and all the others will be happy to hear. MSG Wilkinson Airborne!! U are in my mind, made more free fall jumps than I have.