Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dave Sheffield, our amazing controller in our office, took upon the task of designing a website for Nick. We asked him to do this as we are getting more and more involved in various fundraising and awareness events and thought a website could post all the volumes of information in one spot. Please visit and learn more about:
  • Country Music Marathon
  • Team Beyond Cancer
  • Team Sarcoma
  • Relay for Life (link to view Nick's DVD)
  • Charity Softball Tournament
Thanks, Dave, for your hard work - it looks fantastic!

Nick is finally starting to feel a little bit better; I think he caught Kelsey's vicious cold virus and with his new normal white blood cell count of 4, it takes him twice as long to recover. Kelsey is still on the mend after week two. We took him to the doctor last week to see what was up with his extreme fatigue and they discovered a low glucose level. Could be from a poor diet or possibly his pancreas hasn't bounced back 100%, or a gazillion other things from having such brutal chemo and radiation treatments. His next scan is on April 1st so please keep him in your prayers. He's looking at ONE YEAR of remission!!!!!!

We all went up to Boise, Idaho to watch NCAA men's basketball games and we had a blast! The marathon training has been rough, to say the least. Lee is now the only family member that has stayed the course.

The fund raising has been incredibly successful due to the amazing network of friends of Jennie & Dean Magnesen, pulling in over $10,000!!!!! A special thank you to Colin Fryer, of Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah - he sponsored Nick and his teammates "Team Beyond Cancer" as well as an extremely generous gift for the marathon. Jennie and I still tear up when we talk about his generosity and the effect his gifts will have on the young adult cancer survivor community and childhood cancer research. Amazing.

I'll post after April 6th when we meet with Dr. Chen.

With love,


PS: Nick got an "A" on his last English paper!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Relay for Life

As you may know I was asked to speak at the Relay for Life kic-off event this Saturday, and I am thrilled to say that I did not cry during my speach. I can feel myself getting better at sharing my story everytime I tell it.
After the event was over and people began to leave, Jaimie (who runs the davis country relay) came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be their poster boy. After talking a little more with her what a poster boy is, she explained to me that they would like to take some pictures of myself with a child and use it for their advertisements. I was happy to help... so looks like other than a public speaking career, a modeling career is now a choice. Ha just kidding.
But all in all the kick-off event was a success and I had a good time. Now I am off to school to write papers and stuff.