Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"There is no evidence of local mass recurrence or metastatic disease in the abdomen." Are those the most beautiful words you have ever heard in your life? The report also used the word "normal" three times, "status" twice and "unremarkable" once. Truly brilliant!

It wouldn't be fun unless we added a "however..." Nick has lost another pound, was given a script for antibiotics for his nasty chest cough and has "a small amount of perinephric fluid" which translates to fluid near his kidney, which is near his pancreas - or where his pancreas used to be. Weird, but not worrisome. They'll keep an eye on it for comparison when they do the next set of scans ......... IN MAY!

Nick has opted to discontinue his participation in the clinical trial, and has his doctors blessings. They told him to get healthy and fat. He should start to feel better soon, since he stopped taking the maintenance chemo pills on Feb 5th. I think this is where his fatigue was coming from and now he can just focus on being 21!

Thank you, everyone, for the continued prayers, support and love. Go ahead and celebrate - we are!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the hat is on!

Nick will have scans on Tuesday and so my worry hat is firmly in place so when I flip out because we ran out of ketchup, no one will be surprised. Nick has settled into a routine of one day up and about and the next day completely wiped out. He is sporadic with the maintenance chemo because the mouth sores are very painful. He attends class only half the time, but is passing economics and acing computer and ceramics.

In other news, our dear friend Lisa Buechler has received some devastating news: her cancer has metasized into her bones throughout her body. She has some very hard decisions to make in the next few days. Jennie, Denise, Ruth and I have been spending all of our extra time at the hospital to help Lisa decifer the various scan results and physician opinions.

Please pray for Nick and Lisa this week. We meet with his doctor on Wednesday afternoon and I'll post again then.

Love to all of you!