Friday, January 29, 2010

No Worries

Nick had his check-up last week and the docs determined his tummy aches are due to having a poorly functioning pancreas and no spleen. They gave him a prescription for enzymes to help the pancreas. His low blood counts and fatigue are due to the maintenance chemo - no surprises there. They didn't feel it was necessary to have scans until the regularly scheduled ones mid-February. He also gained ONE POUND!

The trip to Vegas was exciting and fun-filled for Nick and his buddies. Interestingly enough, he didn't give me any photos to post. Hmm. His birthday and Christmas presents finally came in - a kayak vest, skirt, rescue rope and paddle (booties are still on the way) - and he is thrilled. All of his gear has been in our living room for a week now, although I think he is sleeping with his paddle. C'mon spring!

Relay-for-Life kick-off meeting for Davis County is this weekend. Date of Relay is July 30th. I'm also starting to organize our next charity softball tournament to be held in September. So much to do...and looking forward to it all.

Nice little story of a miracle: Amazing!

With loads of love and gratitude,


Monday, January 18, 2010

Party Picts

We had a lovely dinner celebration for Nick's birthday. Here are a few pictures:
The cake was specially ordered from Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop. I placed the order for a cowboy theme and when they asked me how old the birthday boy was, I laughed as I said, "Twenty-one!"

Jerry (FG Denise's husband), Jennie, Denise, Dean (FG Jennie's husband) and Colin (our favorite cowboy from Moab)

Mom & Nick dig in!

Nick, Carly & Kelsey

Carly is the true party girl!

Lee, Lori, Denise, Kelsey, Jennie, Nick, Colin, Dean, Carly & Jerry, in front.

It's a good time when you know family and friends are one in the same. I love our family!
With loads of love,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Nick!

Today is Nick's 21st birthday and we are all ready to celebrate! Family and a few close friends will take him out to dinner tonight - he's requested crab legs - that oughta put a few pounds on him (ok, on me).

He had a fantastic time in California although he came home feeling poorly with a headache and stomach ache. He plowed through his first week of being back to college; loving every minute while fighting through the waves of fatigue. He is absolutely thrilled to be back in the college environment; pretty girls, funny guys, books, the library, pizza, hanging out, all of it!

The maintenance chemo is beginning to have its side effects. He has his next appointment next Wednesday and I'm thankful as I'm worried, as mom's often do. I made about 4 different casserole recipes loaded with calories and froze them in individual servings to help Nick eat quickly and often.

He and his entourage leave on Friday for LAS VEGAS! And the celebration continues...

Happy birthday, my baby boy!

Love, Mom

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can't gain weight? What's up with that?

Turkey, butter, mashed potatoes, butter, gravy, stuffing, butter, pie, whipping cream, whole milk, pot roast, rolls, butter, fresh cracked crab, butter, pancakes, butter, hash browns, bacon, toast, butter, cookies, ham, Hershey Kisses, marshmallow fudge, butter, carmel popcorn, Mountain Dew, butter, and the ever present Christmas tradition - coconut bread - all to which every member of our family gained a minimum of 5 lbs with the exception of Nick. He lost 3 lbs weighing in at 139. Where, I ask you, is the justice in this world?

I remember when I was pregnant with Nick and I couldn't gain weight for the first 5 months. My doctor finally threatened me with big words so I made a sacrifice and dived into a diet of chili-cheese fries and root beer floats. Apparently I am going to have to make this same sacrifice in order to put some pounds on, as Jay Paterson refers to, my skinny kid.

I recently took Kelsey and a friend of hers - Maddie, out for some Christmas shopping. When we stopped for lunch, Maddie had completely downed her entire Subway sandwich, chips and drink while we were still getting the paper off our straws. Kelsey and Maddie are, at the most, each 100 lbs soaking wet - rail thin. When I asked Maddie how she managed such a feat, she raised her right hand, index finger pointing up and proudly proclaimed, "Yes, I am the number one chub scout!" My New Year's resolution is to make Nick the number one chub scout - move over, Maddie, here comes Nick!

Nick believes he is receiving the real deal and not the placebo as he is experiencing some mouth soreness. He feels pretty dang good and has been doing some skiing, hockey playing and socializing. For whatever reason, his improved health hasn't affecting the cleanliness of his room or laundry capabilities. Obviously cooking for himself hasn't manifested, either.

He just received word today he can be a camp counselor for First Descents this summer! Wahoo! He is leaving for tomorrow to visit his cousin in California - nice escape from our winter wonderland here in Utah.

Happy New Year to one and all!