Friday, January 29, 2010

No Worries

Nick had his check-up last week and the docs determined his tummy aches are due to having a poorly functioning pancreas and no spleen. They gave him a prescription for enzymes to help the pancreas. His low blood counts and fatigue are due to the maintenance chemo - no surprises there. They didn't feel it was necessary to have scans until the regularly scheduled ones mid-February. He also gained ONE POUND!

The trip to Vegas was exciting and fun-filled for Nick and his buddies. Interestingly enough, he didn't give me any photos to post. Hmm. His birthday and Christmas presents finally came in - a kayak vest, skirt, rescue rope and paddle (booties are still on the way) - and he is thrilled. All of his gear has been in our living room for a week now, although I think he is sleeping with his paddle. C'mon spring!

Relay-for-Life kick-off meeting for Davis County is this weekend. Date of Relay is July 30th. I'm also starting to organize our next charity softball tournament to be held in September. So much to do...and looking forward to it all.

Nice little story of a miracle: Amazing!

With loads of love and gratitude,



Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Lori
I wasn't successful in connecting with the link - but Nick is another miracle story! Amazing! Praise be to God.
Love, aunt Chris

Peter said...

Hi Lori,
Just wanted you to know that I love reading your messages. You are such an inspirational writer. I'm so glad Nick is back at school, wish him the best for me. By the way, Mrs Bakers cake is my all time favorite--hope you all enjoyed it....
Much Love,

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Fat Guy (can't call you skinny, you gained a pound),
Cool Boat!
I've got a great idea for a graphic for your bottom, I mean the one on the boat!
" Don't flip me up yet! I'm still counting the fish !"
Looks like you're all set for some class 5 or class 6 rapids and a little surfing as well. Have a blast!