Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Nick!

Today is Nick's 21st birthday and we are all ready to celebrate! Family and a few close friends will take him out to dinner tonight - he's requested crab legs - that oughta put a few pounds on him (ok, on me).

He had a fantastic time in California although he came home feeling poorly with a headache and stomach ache. He plowed through his first week of being back to college; loving every minute while fighting through the waves of fatigue. He is absolutely thrilled to be back in the college environment; pretty girls, funny guys, books, the library, pizza, hanging out, all of it!

The maintenance chemo is beginning to have its side effects. He has his next appointment next Wednesday and I'm thankful as I'm worried, as mom's often do. I made about 4 different casserole recipes loaded with calories and froze them in individual servings to help Nick eat quickly and often.

He and his entourage leave on Friday for LAS VEGAS! And the celebration continues...

Happy birthday, my baby boy!

Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

May all that you wish for come true. May you have love, light and laughter. And.... may you have the best time in Vegas "Whooping" it up!!! You are truly awesome and I thank you for being in my life.
GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Birthday Nephew Nick,
Stan, Jessica, Kris, me and your dad thoroughly enjoyed your Twenty First Birthday Cruise to Australia and New Zealand but all agreed you made the right decision not to go. Twelve days on a boat was even boring for us "Over-something" thou we would have enjoyed hearing the Diamond Princess International Dining Staff sing Happy Birthday dear Nick.
May you have smooth sailing in college, decadent calories in your mom's home cooking, majestic peaks in your chemo treatment, and 24/7 pampering from all. Life is the ultimate cruise that we need to enjoy, live righteously and be thankful. God bless Mr. Nicholas William Raitt. Congratulations on 21 years well lived.
Love, aunt Chris

Monkks said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! Celebrate like no one has ever before. So proud of you and your family. We know what it takes for an individual to go about life in the face of something they did not ask for.

Prayers continue from Chicago....

Obsessedwithlife said...

Happy 21st, Nick! Have fun :)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick it's been a while but I think of you often and miss talking to you. I often use your story to inspire our new soldiers who face adversity. Hope you don't mind? You are forever in my prayers and thoughts (in that order). I have said it before and will say it again "that I truly am a better person for having met you"!


God Bless,

SFC Sanchez