Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can't gain weight? What's up with that?

Turkey, butter, mashed potatoes, butter, gravy, stuffing, butter, pie, whipping cream, whole milk, pot roast, rolls, butter, fresh cracked crab, butter, pancakes, butter, hash browns, bacon, toast, butter, cookies, ham, Hershey Kisses, marshmallow fudge, butter, carmel popcorn, Mountain Dew, butter, and the ever present Christmas tradition - coconut bread - all to which every member of our family gained a minimum of 5 lbs with the exception of Nick. He lost 3 lbs weighing in at 139. Where, I ask you, is the justice in this world?

I remember when I was pregnant with Nick and I couldn't gain weight for the first 5 months. My doctor finally threatened me with big words so I made a sacrifice and dived into a diet of chili-cheese fries and root beer floats. Apparently I am going to have to make this same sacrifice in order to put some pounds on, as Jay Paterson refers to, my skinny kid.

I recently took Kelsey and a friend of hers - Maddie, out for some Christmas shopping. When we stopped for lunch, Maddie had completely downed her entire Subway sandwich, chips and drink while we were still getting the paper off our straws. Kelsey and Maddie are, at the most, each 100 lbs soaking wet - rail thin. When I asked Maddie how she managed such a feat, she raised her right hand, index finger pointing up and proudly proclaimed, "Yes, I am the number one chub scout!" My New Year's resolution is to make Nick the number one chub scout - move over, Maddie, here comes Nick!

Nick believes he is receiving the real deal and not the placebo as he is experiencing some mouth soreness. He feels pretty dang good and has been doing some skiing, hockey playing and socializing. For whatever reason, his improved health hasn't affecting the cleanliness of his room or laundry capabilities. Obviously cooking for himself hasn't manifested, either.

He just received word today he can be a camp counselor for First Descents this summer! Wahoo! He is leaving for tomorrow to visit his cousin in California - nice escape from our winter wonderland here in Utah.

Happy New Year to one and all!



Lorin Decker Buck said...

Must be the skiing and hockey playing are counteracting that large food [butter] intake! It's wonderful to hear that Nick is doing so well. Happy New Year!

Kim, denese and kd dog said...

Hi Brower family,

Happy New Year to all of you too. Thank you for keep us posted on Nick and the family. Your words are always inspiring. Jenn and Cali and Paige keep us updated on the Fastpitch front and your blog keeps us updated and everything else. You are a truly amazing, beutiful family! Thank you too, for autographing the Brower Quadrant and the Chicken Soup Cancer book for us. We've read them both and find their words always say what we need to hear. I've already bought several of the Chicken Soup books for friends. Stay warm (we are spending the winter in Southern California). Come on down if you need to get warm - I'm going golfing today. May 2010 be healthy for ALL!!!

denese Peterson

Laurel said...

I wish i could give you my extra 20 pounds. Thanks for keeping us posted, always thinking of you guys. Till our paths cross again, Good Luck and God Bless.
Brad and Laurel Wilkinson

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick
On second thought - maybe you should have gone on your birthday cruise with us and your dad. Seven meals a day with each cheesecake dessert offering a minumum of a 1000 calories. May all those loving calories your mom is serving you continue to seek and destroy any cancer cells.
God's continued blessing on you. Love, aunt Chris