Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zachary Donald McCulloch

It is with mixed emotions to let everyone know that Zach McCulloch has been freed from the horror of cancer and has gracefully and lovingly earned his angel wings to fly home again. Please visit www.carepages/sublimelbc/updates to read a beautiful poem written by his father, Kevin. The McCulloch family has shown an amazing ability to love and learn through their journey and together have stayed strong in their love for each other and in their faith. My admiration and respect for them is immeasurable.

As for the family of Ashton Miller, they are touring the wonders of Paris; however, Ashton developed a fever and is experiencing the hospital facilities there, too - not part of their itinerary. Her site is:

As we celebrate Nick's current health while he is thoroughly enjoying whooping his friends in poker, raking in the quarters (practicing for the upcoming Vegas trip, perhaps?) and on his way to Park City to embrace winter in all her beauty, please take a moment to pray for the McCulloch and Miller families and all whose tender hearts and spirits may need an extra blessing today.


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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
Thank you for opening your heart and prayers (and this blogspot)to other cancer patients and their families. The Bible tells me (Luke 12:6-7) that God numbers all the hairs on our heads. Nick can relate to how powerful that concept is since he has lost his hair(s) multiple times. I only know Zach and Ashton by name. Thankfully, our loving God knows them "innumerably". I pray that God's grace covers the McCulloch and Miller families and Nick Raitt too.
Love, aunt Chris