Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clinical Trial Has Begun

It was nice to have a couple of weeks off from visiting the Huntsman. We all had an especially nice Christmas and we are all enjoying being able to relax and absorb the good vibes all around. Grandpa came to visit for a week and the whole family is going to take to the slopes on New Years Day. Throw in a couple of trips to the movie theaters heaped on by boat loads of food and 2010 is off to a great start.

We visited Dr. Gouw yesterday and Nick was given his new prescription of maintenance chemo/or placebo pills. He'll take 4 pills per day for 5 days each week. It is very unsettling when we are instructed to use gloves when popping the pills out of the packet. He had a baseline EKG along with the numerous vials of blood draws. And here we go...

His hair is barely coming back in - it's that nice, fine baby hair that is so soft. I'm sure I annoy him because I love to rub his head now. He let me know that he is losing his sight in his right eye - very blurry. It is not unusual to get cataracts after radiation. This is not alarming (well, not now) and he'll eventually have to have surgery to remove the cataracts. But right now, he'd like to keep an arms length from having do go under the knife.

Plenty to keep us busy for the next couple of months. Nick will have about 3 more check-ins with the trial coordinator, giving up more blood, and will have an MRI mid-February. Until then, Happy New Year to you all. As always, your constant support and prayers are always so very much appreciated.

With love,


Kim, denese and kd dog said...

Lori and Nick,
I was honored and pleased to received our autographed copy of the Chicken SOupl for the Soul cancer book for Christmas. Loved seeing your story in it. You are a beautiful, strong loving family. I'm happy my grandchildren are able to be in your 'fastpitch' lives and that I've met you through them. May the new year be healthy and promising to your family. Your journey is truly an inspiration to many.

denese Peterson (Cali and Paige's grandma)

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I talked to your dad tonight. He enjoyed celebrating your birthday over lunch. After a 12 day cruise your dad might be enjoying food alittle too much. I hope he doesn't share his "Cruise Cold" with you though. He is worried about your stomach pains and suspects you are taking the maintenance chemo and not the placebo. I am saying extra prayers for you as I write. May God reveal to the doctors on Wednesday what is causing your discomfort. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris