Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Short Stay

Nick only had to stay over one night - doctors realize Nick has the drill down pat. He had labs drawn yesterday and his counts look great. Nick doesn't feel great, but what can ya do?

Health insurance for his age group remains to be a ridiculous exercise in rhetoric, patience and paperwork. Too confusing to go into detail (and I don't want to waste anymore energy getting pissed off), Nick was finally approved to get an MRI done on his sinus and pancreas area, along with a chest ct scan - all to be done this Thursday up at the U of U. Probably won't get results until Friday afternoon so consider this fair warning that my anxiety level will be sky high until we get the all clear.

He's off to Bear Lake this weekend with the guys so should have plenty of R & R.

Thanks to everyone with the continued support!



Anonymous said...

Lori, I think we'll re-name you "Anxious Annie"!!!! Glad to hear scans will be done this week then you can relax once you get the results :)
Bear Lake this weekend for the "wanderer" - sounds fab. Have a great time Nick. Will you be dirt biking??
Love, light, laughter and healing coming at ya - GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori
Hopefully you will have some R & R too. I'll continue to pray for Miracle Nick.
Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

wishing you the best, Nick. will be checking back to see how Bear Lake goes... and positive vibes coming your way.

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny,
read about the nosebleed, that's enough adventure for a little while.
Glad you kept Mom up yelling at her later on.
When you are off to Bear Lake, don't forget the cotton batten for your schnoz, in case it starts leakin' again.

By the way, Luke says Hi to one of his heroes....That's YOU.

Luke had to have surgery to repair a punctured eardrum, and he had to get his hair cut in a Mohawk; 'JUST LIKE NICK'S!" Surgery went great. Little brush of hair is really cute.

When you are up on Bear Mountain, standing in the brilliant moonlight at night, say hello to the mountains and the Almighty for me. Take some time to take a real deep breath, clean out everything inside, maybe burn a little sweetgrass. And have fun!

Love from your Canadian pals.

Monkks said...

Praying for great scans. We also send love and pryers to you and your family. What an incredible individual we so respect what you have done and learned...