Friday, December 4, 2009

All Clear!

Nick's scans (MRI of sinus, MRI of abdomen and CT of chest) all came back looking nice and healthy! Nick has declared, once again, that he does not want to have anymore chemo and has relayed on to his doctor. He is supposed to have 2 more rounds but he's had enough, which is totally fine. We will meet with docs on Monday morning for labs and to discuss latest scan results. Hopefully, he will be free from Huntsman for the next 3 months until next set of follow-up scans. Can it really be true?

Here's to having a fantastic Christmas with college to look forward to again in January. Here's to hair. Here's to gaining weight (Nick, not me, of course :) Here's to feeling like a human being. Here's to our network of supporters, for because of your prayers, faith and encouragement, the journey has been a little lighter.


PS: Here's to Logan in the U of U Radiology Dept - he was awesome in getting the results back to me so quickly. He likes my word (borrowed from the rhabdo-kid list) - "scanxiety" and now, I officially take off my hat!


Anonymous said...

What can I say except "AWESOME"!!! Here's to clear scans in another 3 months... here's to a great Christmas... here's to college. I know you'll have a great trip to Bear Lake this weekend and I know the rest of us will be having a great weekend wherever we are because of this wonderful news. Lori, you're the best - enjoy your weekend :)
Signing off with a happy heart GM-Jennie xxx

Chris Ulvin said...

Praise be to God - He is good! Love, aunt Chris

Lorin Decker Buck said...

OMG, Lori! This is such joyous news! I am so happy for you and Nick! Enjoy every minute of your normal life. I can only imagine the flood of relief washing over you.

Hugs from Virginia

Anonymous said...

Nick and Lori..
I am so happy for you! All I can say is God is great! What great news! Enjoy the holidays!

Lori, Shawn and family

Jay Paterson said...

W O W !!

I can see it now,
Nick and Lee,
sitting out by the fire pit in the backyard,
sinnging merrily,
"All I want for Christmas,
is a little hair,
a lock of hair,
just a shock of hair.

Gee if I could only have
a bit of hair,
then I won't be frozen
over Christmas!"

Thanks to Alvin and The Chipmunks.