Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And it's outta here!

Today at 1:00 p.m. Nick successfully had his port removed for the second time. However, even with two valium, he said it is one of the most uncomfortable, disgusting procedures you can imagine without being under sedation. Stitches look good, pain is minimal and he is good to go. We also met with Dr. Gouw and the clinical trial coordinator and Nick will begin his experimental daily maintenance chemo (or placebo) pill on Dec 28th. Interestingly enough, Nick just barely made it into the trial; it closed accepting any new entries on Friday.

He buzzed his head so he can begin the regrowth nice and neat. Last night, for whatever reason, Nick and his buddies were sitting just outside his bedroom on the floor in the hall - I guess sometimes you just gotta plop where you are and hang out. This was before the valium, too. Kory, Scooter, Kyler, Nick & Rob

On another note, the entourage of my friends descended upon Lisa last night to offer some Christmas cheer. Fairy godmothers Jennie & Denise along with Ruth and myself brought in dinner and loads of presents and spent a wonderful evening at Lisa's apartment. Lisa had it decorated so nicely, with candles burning - the atmosphere was perfect. We laughed and shared stories; I hope Lisa enjoyed the night as much as we all did. Her last radiation treatment is on Christmas Eve and then she'll gear up for 3 rounds of in-patient chemo. She is a true warrior! Here's her site again: Ruth, Lori, Denise & Jennie

Also, for a great story of people reaching out to help someone, check in again on Ashton Miller's site, She has recently made out her "bucket list" and through the generosity of others, she and her family are going on a dream vacation to France.

This week is going to be full of gatherings with family and friends. May you all be blessed with His spirit and grace as you enjoy this season of love.



Anonymous said...

No more port.... no more port.... yippee!!! We did have fun with Lisa. She is a wonderful lady. So my wonderful friends, have a superb Christmas, have a superb 2010. Nick, may your hair, appetite and strength blossom. Sending oodles of love - see you next year!! With love GM Jennie xx

Pam said...

Lori, Tell you Dad to have a safe trip home tomorrow. Love and Hugs

Jay Paterson said...

Well, It's just a few days after Christmas.
I finally got reconnected,
and damn,
one of the gifts I had asked for,
and Santa brought to me,
was Designer Duct Tape to cover up Nick's port so we could take him out water-skiing again!
Way to go Skinny!
By now your hair is coming back nice and fluffy.
What's next?
Pony Tails?

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori, family and friends.
Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing God's loving plan for all of us revealed through Nick's Blogspot in the coming 12 months. I give God thanks for His Christmas gift to the world and ask for His continued blessings on Nick.
Love, aunt Chris