Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"There is no evidence of local mass recurrence or metastatic disease in the abdomen." Are those the most beautiful words you have ever heard in your life? The report also used the word "normal" three times, "status" twice and "unremarkable" once. Truly brilliant!

It wouldn't be fun unless we added a "however..." Nick has lost another pound, was given a script for antibiotics for his nasty chest cough and has "a small amount of perinephric fluid" which translates to fluid near his kidney, which is near his pancreas - or where his pancreas used to be. Weird, but not worrisome. They'll keep an eye on it for comparison when they do the next set of scans ......... IN MAY!

Nick has opted to discontinue his participation in the clinical trial, and has his doctors blessings. They told him to get healthy and fat. He should start to feel better soon, since he stopped taking the maintenance chemo pills on Feb 5th. I think this is where his fatigue was coming from and now he can just focus on being 21!

Thank you, everyone, for the continued prayers, support and love. Go ahead and celebrate - we are!



Anonymous said...

CELEBRATION TIME!!!! I am soooo pleased. Nick - you've never been "fat" - wonder what you'll look like?? Glad the hat's off Lori - it was messing up your hair! Now its time to build up your stamina without the chemo pills and enjoy life. GO FOR IT... My heart is singing today.
With Love - GM Jennie xx

Jodi said...

Love that story.
Lori ever since running into you at Paradise Cafe almost a year ago I have been so inspired by updates on your blog. Your family is so positive and it really has effected more lives than you'll ever know. Nick we are cheering for you daily and love to hear your stories. I cry when a sad story is posted about one of the amamzing people you have met, yet continue to be amazed by all that you do. - So thanks for being great. - jodi

Chris Ulvin said...

Praise be to God. Thank you Lord for your healing hands on Nick, your discernment to doctors, your faith to family and friends, your love for all.
Dear Nick, I encourage you to live life "Obsessed" with God, seeking knowledge, loving family, loving friends, loving strangers, and sharing with all who cross your path. Hmmm....exactly what you've been doing the past three years. May God continually bless you.
Love, aunt Chris

Monkks said...

Nice News Yahoo Nick we are so happy for you and your family.

We pray that this will be a distant nightmare soon...

Jay said...

Hey Skinny,
Define FAT
is that 150 pounds?
or 2 pounds more than the stick you are now?

Way to go!
You get a Gold!

Enjoy the Canada/US Gold Medal Game, and may the best team win.

Laurel said...

Good News. Nick you are truly amazing and you inspire me almost daily. Lori I believe it was a blessing from God to meet you and your family. Thank you for the Chicken Soup Cancer book, I loaned to a friend whose mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, it is treatable and cureable, so another war with cancer begins. God Bless. Brad Wilkinson