Friday, September 14, 2007

Lancaster, California

I am having a great time already with my family in the west coast. I am also eating very well and gaining some weight! I have only been here a day and a half and I have already gone to a Dodger game, driven an '08 Nissan Altima (SWEET CAR), played some sweet video games, heard some great stories, bought a motor cycle and gear, and ended the day with a Jamba Juice and a great dinner. It rocks!

Tomorrow I will attend a cancer walk where I hope to share stories with other cancer survivors and fighters. It always helps to hear that others are going through this just as you are. My Aunt Chris bought me a sweet costume for the walk tomorrow to help represent my theme, "Cowboy Up", and I hope it gets a kick out of everyone.

Here are some pictures:


Chris Ulvin said...

Greetings to all of Nick's fans
The Lancaster Relay for Life walk was a success - Nick and Stuart made it out of bed in time for the 9:00 am Survivor Lap. Nick wore the "Bull" costume and will appear in numerous photo albums as everyone wanted their picture taken with Nick. Nick left the costume with Uncle Stan for the day - so Stan too will appear in numerous photo albums. The Cowboy Up and Patriotic Prayer Quilts raised $100.00 and the raffle recipients were thankful to win them. Money is helpful in cancer research and Prayer is eternally hopeful - I'm excited to report the "Cowboy Up" booth accomplished both. Please keep Nick in your prayers as he visits us in Lancaster - that his mind, soul and body will continue to heal. To Todd, Carly, Kelsy, Lori and Lee - thank you for sharing Nick - he is a positive spirit - a joy to spend a moment with. Love, aunt Chris

Jennie said...

Hello Nick - Great outfit for the walk. Chris did a fantastic job getting that lined up for you. Sounds as though you're having a blast - YIPPEE!!! Keep rocking, keep eating, keep laughing, keep well. Congrats on getting your bike too and for enrolling at the U of U. Enjoy!! With love - jennie

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
This is your aunt Chris posting in your past, giving praise to God in the present (January 17, 2010 - the date of your 21st Birthday) and looking to the future with faith and prayers that God will grant you many more "Cowboy Up" birthday parties to be celebrated with family and friends.
Love, aunt Chris