Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Mom is mad!

So now that I have hair I think its so fun to do the craziest stuff with it. A few days ago I went to a salon and said, "I want a killer mohawk!". They said that would be no problem. I then went home and my parents weren't surprised that I had gotten one. But they weren't happy. I loved it! And then today I decided it was necessary to take my hair to another level. I wanted something that not many people have and something that grabs your attention and says, "Hey I mean business!". HA. So I had my buddy buzz a design in my head. I told him I wanted a "shooting star". He just laughed and said, "Lets do this!". After it was done I was all smiles because I knew my parents wouldn't be thrilled and that the guys would love it. I was surprised when I went upstairs however and all my mom did was sigh and say, "Eh, its alright". I think its pretty good for doing it ourselves and will definitely be showing it off wherever I go. Here are some pics though. You make your own decision on another moment in my crazy life. I will not be offended by any criticism that is posted. Ha
p.s. Jay will Canada accept this hairstyle?!


Obsessedwithlife said...

I'm a fan! I used to paint stars on my bald head :).


Lori said...

It isn't too bad. I like it.

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Nick,
Last post I was thrilled you had hair and now you're getting rid of it - Praise God it is by "choice " and not by "chemo". Love, aunt Chris

Jay Paterson said...

Hair Style!
It's the North Star!

No one up here gets really excited about hair one way or the other, here's the reason why.
We Love Hockey.
Therefore we have a lot of men and boys of all ages, and even women and (worst of all) Cougars wearing MULLETS.
So some skinny guy with a star shaved into his head, No Problem.

Just don't cut one into your beard.

Marsha said...

God was merciful to you and healed you! How wonderful!

It looks like you are having the time of you life now that you have hair again! Ok, maybe I won't be so quick to judge some of the strange hairstyles I see on kids up town now...maybe they had cancer and lost all of it so now they are having fun with what grew back! LOL! I am glad you are enjoying it. It's something we so often take for granted. I am growing my hair out so I can donate it to Locks of Love...wigs for cancer patients.