Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mom's Favorites

Here's my take on the big softball tournament - it was a HUGE success! Everyone stepped up in a big, big, big way. Kelsey's team, the Bukoos, scored 34 runs over 3 games - the next closest team had 19. Yes, the umpires were given permission to call anything relatively close as "safe" in order to get the scores up, but still - 34 runs - that's fantastic!

Carly's team, the Xtreme, came as volunteers headed up by coach Wes White. It was particularly touching to see the older girls help the little 10 & unders in the skills contest, which they had never participated in before. As Nick described, watching those little girls run up to him to collect their prize (a gold childhood cancer pin) while yelling, "Nick! Nick!" was wonder to my heart as Nick grinned from ear-to-ear in response.

And, Nick's buddies came through, too. I must admit when Nick told me they were coming to help, I thought, "nice, they'll be here for a whole 20 minutes". I was wrong. The Xtreme team had to leave around 2:00, which is when the "gang" showed up. They happily took over the scorekeeping responsibilities and proclaimed, "We're here for the rest of the day for whatever you need us to do." And they were!

Other than forgetting to bring the actual game softballs (truly didn't even give it a thought - I just asked the umpire, "Don't they magically appear like they do at all the other tournaments?")- everything went off without a hitch. Enormous thanks to so many - friends, family, players, parents, coaches, umpires, field staff, vendors, etc. All in all, we raised (net) over $5,300! (Watson, Macrum & Ulvin families - YOU ROCK!) We are so excited for next year!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

#1 - Carly & Lee
#2 - Volunteers
#3 - Nick giving out awards
#4 - Carly helping in skills contest
#5 - Lee, Carly, Kacie, Nick & Todd
#6 - Denise & Lori
#7 - Wes and a happy skills contest winner

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and family,
You are continually in my prayers - may Nick's scans on Monday confirm again the HUGE success Nick is. Love, aunt Chris