Sunday, June 21, 2009

So long, Red Devil!

Round 16 is complete! It's official - Nick will not have any more red devil (adriamycin) EVER AGAIN. His veins are pretty beat up and they have to use different spots in his arm for his IV's now He thought he'd try to go without the numbing cream to have his port accessed this time; big mistake. He said he won't do that again. He maintained his weight - a healthy 157 lbs! Nick had the usual entourage of friends visiting, and on a sentimental note, Carly came up by herself, brought him breakfast and hung out to watch a movie, too. I don't think that has ever happened in their entire childhood.

Jennie, one of the fairy godmothers couldn't come up to visit this time as she had been exposed to the swine flu virus from at least 2 sources. Denise, the other fairy godmother, came dressed up as a bag of jelly beans - darling costume that I was unable to catch on film. Forgot the camera. Forgot alot of things, actually. Forgot his pillow, blanket and videos. Forgot them again in the car when Kelsey and I drove back to the hospital AGAIN, just to drop off the stuff. Denise also made Nick a fantastic pair of pj bottoms - soft fabric and they are LONG! He loves them.

Denise brought a couple of funny things for Nick and I made him pose as soon as he got home today:

I had Kelsey join in the fun too, with her new puppy, Lily, that she got for her 13th birthday!
Nick is hoping to feel better soon so he can get ready for First Descents. In the meantime, we are still trying to figure out who his oncology team will be after surgery on July 16th.

Emotions have been running extremely high for me lately. Lee and I went to the movies Friday night and watched the trailer for "My Sister's Keeper". My voice was shaking with tears threatening to burst as I told him, "I think we'll pass on this movie". I was feeling ridiculous and trying to gain my composure as I heard him whisper back in a voice full of emotion, "I can't even watch this trailer without losing it". Then we both burst out laughing as the tears fell anyway.

With love and gratitude,


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick and family
You may look like a chicken - but your heart is as ferocious as a lion - Godspeed. Love, aunt Chris

Laurel said...

Thinking of you. You inspire me. I will never forget the day you rode shotgun in a Black Hawk!! One of two most rewarding days in my military career. MSG Wilkinson

Anonymous said...

Was very sad to miss visiting you -but would be even sadder if I gave you the flu!! Love the chicken hat - you could start a new trend in fashion Nick. Hope you are feeling good today. I'm so excited for you to go to First Descents I know you'll inspire all who attend.
Keep getting stronger and keep doing fun things. I'll sign off sending you love, light and laughter..... F.G. Jennie xx

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny,
Nice to see that you enjoy a good yolk!
But, why don't you stop pluckin' around, shake a tail feather, and flock off to the First Descents?

Jay Paterson said...

Oh By the way!
It's 6 months until Christmas!
You only have about 100 more shopping days left to get all your godmothers and gift givers something goofier that the chicken hat!