Thursday, July 23, 2009

Results in with no information

The only thing the path report states is that they found sarcoma in the tumor. I think even Kelsey's puppy is aware of this. Nothing on the enlarged lymph nodes, including the one attached to the tumor – they weren’t even tested. Nothing to indicate status of cells in tumor, alive or dead. Unfortunately, Dr. Mulvihill has been in a 10-hour surgery today and tomorrow is a state holiday. Thankfully, however, my favorite nurse Katie listened to my concerns and jumped on the phone to speak to pathology and convinced them to run tests on at least the one lymph node (Dr. M indicated he removed several enlarged nodes when he spoke to us post surgery but Katie said the surgical report did not reflect this). If pathology really gets to it today, they’ll set the stain but won’t have results until next week.

Katie mentioned Dr. Gouw will be presenting to the tumor board on Monday and hopes to have a surgeon in attendance to review the path results (why, I don’t know – they don’t say anything). I did receive a phone call from Dr. M’s surgical partner, Dr. Le; he was going to have to research why nodes weren’t tested and if there were any live cancerous cells in tumor.

I am very disappointed in the results and hope to have more clarification by the time we meet With Dr. Albritton & Dr. Grier next Wednesday. Katie also said if Dr. M has a chance to look at this mess, he has enough power to make things happen at the hospital for resolution. I’m sure part of my frustration is that we were told we would have results by Tuesday, and when we finally get them on Thursday, it is apparently worthless. Bottom line is there isn't a damn thing we can do except wait AGAIN for results next week. I am very thankful for Katie working with me to at least get the lymph node testing started today before the long weekend. Nick's drain tube has to stay in until the 31st, again because of the state holiday. If this weren't a PG rated blogsite....

On a lighter side, Nick and I had lunch yesterday with Laurie Roach and Matt from First Descents. They are here for the Outdoor Trade Show in Salt Lake. Very nice people and so glad to have had the chance to get to know them better. Today, Nick came with me to watch Carly play in a World Series softball game. Her team lost but Nick enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air in the beautiful Park City area. We moved our outbound flight to Boston from Saturday to Sunday to give Nick one more day to recoup; we have some amazing friends working on getting our family tickets to go see the Red Sox!

Nick is still feeling pretty crappy but has bouts of energy. I want to personally thank Kelli, Kailey & Makelle for bringing Nick a little of your sunshine every day. You girls really, truly make a difference. Thanks to all the readers of this blog, to our family, to our friends, those that don't know us very well, those that do... Thank you for prayers, warm wishes, cards, food, humor, listening skills and the love.

With gratitude,


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Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Lori
Now I understand why Todd didn't call - nothing to report. As the saying goes "No News is Good News" so I'll say a prayer of thanks tonight in anticipation that all is "Good" with Nick.
Love, aunt Chris