Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taking flying to another level

Nick here,

My dad just recently met a man who owns an acrobatic airplane. His name is Mike Royall, who was a navy pilot who later became a commercial pilot, and now a retired man who spends his days flying his kit airplane which took him 6 years to build!!
Anyways, my dad and Mike were cool enough to line up a flight in his sweet plane which took place just yesterday. We did some crazy rolls, flips, loops, and even a hammer head stall (I believe thats what he called it) which you seen performed in the red bull commercial. I believe 4 g's was the most I experienced in the plane, but let me assure you its more than it sounds! We also did some low altitude terrain flight at over 200 mph which was pretty sweet. But the coolest part of all was when he let me do an "aileron roll" on my own, going both right and left. It was nuts!!
Lastly, another cool thing, which totally caught me off guard was that Mike looks VERY similar to my Grandfather (Dad's Dad) Bill Raitt, who was also a pilot in the military. Even though my Grandfather passed away when I was young, I still knew exactly who he looked like, and it was cool to go flying with Mike.
So anyways here are some pictures.... And Mike if your reading this, THANKS MAN!!!!


akparamedic said...

wow.... I don't know what to say. These planes and their pilots just flat amaze me. Incredibly cool... I still don't know what to say. No, WAIT, yes I do. Stand by, I'm gonna email a video of one of these planes where the pilot pulls off something I didn't think was even possible. I used to fly up until about 5 years ago, but I didn't have the time or dedication to did it right. In other words, I sucked as a pilot. Anyway, I'll get that video in the mail. YOU DAY MAN!!!

Jay Paterson said...


Chris Ulvin said...

Hello Nick and family,
Aunt Chris checking in from Mildenhall AFB England. This trip has brought back many happy memories of the "Air Force pilot Bill Raitt family life". I'm thankful you had the health and the opportunity to experience a part of your grandfather's love - flying. I supsect your grandfather had to jump out of a plane too - another one of your fortunate opportunities. We all know the next few months of the "Cancer Survior Nick Raitt family life" will be rough so may this blogspot help us remember the joyful events God places in your life. Love and continued prayers, Aunt Chris