Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Donations Made Today!

It is with humble appreciation to announce that I mailed out two checks today - to both CureSearch and First Descents for $10,393.78 EACH! We still have some pledges floating in, but we can send those in with the donations raised for the charity softball tournament in September. I truly can't believe the generosity, commitment and support of Nick's WACKY Warriors. We WILL make a difference!!!
Nick riding Shadow (our friend, Melanie, took Nick on a trail ride up at Middle Fork, Utah)

Nick has been working - yes, that's right - working in Moab for the past few weeks as a wrangler. Besides cleaning horse stalls, digging fence posts and other cowboy duties, he has been working with a 5-year old horse named Toby. Toby hasn't been ridden much so Nick is learning how to work with him to be a trail horse. They are both getting an educational experience.

Before he left, I captured an amazing event in Nick's life... he did his own laundry! I was speechless, thrilled beyond words, a monumental maternal moment that my son was indeed independent. After he left, however, my euphoria immediately deflated when I went into his bedroom, wanting to suprise him by changing his bedding. To my dismay, I found dirty dishes, dirty cups, tissues, toothpicks, heaps of dirty clothes, heaps of clean clothes (what in the world was left to wear in Moab? Is he now the naked cowboy?), 37 shoes, 5 belts, receipts, school books... and that was only 2 feet inside his room. I cried. Then I cursed. Its a good thing he is still in Moab.

He will update when he returns. He has some fun summer trips coming up and we are so very, very grateful he is feeling good.

Please pray for a couple of very sweet spirits I have been following:
http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/elliepotvin and http://www.carepages.com/carepages/DavidBuckUpdates/updates/

They, and others, are our reasons to keep fighting!

Love to all,


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Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Lori,
"Empty nester" might be a label sounding pretty good to you after entering "Nick's No Clean Zone". Be encouraged - children do clean their own homes - Jessica and Stuart are my testimony. May God continue to bless Nick with health and a faithful spirit.
Love, aunt Chris