Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Round Done!

The fishing and steer roping Nick experienced prior to last week's chemo helped him sail through feeling pretty good. Nick had two different chemos every day for 5 days last week; in the outpatient clinic from 8:00 to 12:00 daily. He had a lot of company - his fairy godmothers, Dean, Uncle Bill and Andrew. The fairy godmothers were in fine form, wearing stove top hats with smiley faces on them, matching Nick's pj bottoms. It is so cute to watch everyone in the outpatient clinic - patients, nurses, caregivers - all can't help but smile, too. The fairy godmothers really are magical.Nick felt good enough to go watch his buddies play on the Univ of Utah hockey team both Friday and Saturday night,earning two wins!

Nick invited us to watch a documentary on ESPN last night - about an amazing young man named Terry Fox, who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer. It was inspiring and emotional for us. Terry's pace was a marathon a day - all while running on one healthy leg and one prosthesis, losing his other leg to cancer. Terry pressed on as he knew it wasn't about him, it was about all of the young ones with cancer. His vision carried him through 3,300 miles in 143 days; his foundation has raised over $500 million.

I am always in awe when we have the courage to step outside our own situation and serve, how powerful our impact becomes, just as God promised. Nick has also been motivated to serve and his impact is starting to be felt. At Kelsey's softball game on Saturday, the commissioner of the ASA for our district saw me and said, "You are creating some problems for me." Why? "Because you don't have just a small tournament with a few teams getting together for charity anymore. You hosted a full-on tournament with a great reputation that should be on our calendar every year and we won't be able to waive the sanctioning fees anymore." I grinned from ear to ear - "Jerry, that is a terrific problem!!!!!"

On a more serious note, I should also take a moment to clarify a couple of things. First of all, we don't discuss prognosis because Nick hasn't initiated it. This isn't our question to ask, this is Nick's alone, although we are all going through this together. He has never been one to dwell on statistics and focuses only on living. He has weathered some interesting comments made to him about his prognosis and it made him uncomfortable. He said, "Mom, I know what the deal is, but I'm in for the fight and plan on being around for a long time." I'm with him 100%! I told him that the time he has here on earth is ONLY between him and God, we are just here to support his journey, to pray, to learn, to share, to love. There is tremendous power in living in the present. I have observed many, many children and young adults go through their battle with cancer and they ALL are in the here-and-now - let's go play! Their attitudes and perspectives are so different than adults, as it should be.

Secondly, we appreciate the enormous amount of suggestions for alternative treatments. We also respect Nick's opinion and allow him to discern what sounds right intuitively. There are so many treatments, both mainstream and complimentary, that are showing amazing promise. We all wish these new studies would HURRY! I personally acknowledge Nick's own therapy - giving back, embracing a grateful and positive attitude and always having something to look forward to...

Speaking of, we are now booked to go to Philly next Thursday through Sunday so we can enjoy the Penguins vs. Flyers game. We know Nick will be feeling good and it'll be something we'll all enjoy before he begins chemo again on the 18th.

With humble gratitude,



Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Lori
As always, I so appreciate you staying in communication with all of us that love and pray for Nick. I will pray about October 18th and give thanks that Nick is focusing on "The Now". Nick, your attitude is a perfect testimony for the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34. May God endorse your plan of "being around for a long time". Amen.
Love, aunt Chris

Karma & Adam said...

So glad to hear Nick sailed through this last round of chemo. Was impressed by his roping skills from the last post - awesome! In Canada, Terry Fox is a legend and has offered such hope for those fighting cancer. I remember watching him run when I was young, not realizing that years later I would fight my own battle. I think Nick choosing to live in the present is the perfect way to do it - it takes courage to do that, so good for all of you : )
Karma (a former Strategic Coach employee)

sdigerolamo said...

I am always reading, and thinking of you. I loved the fairy Godmothers, and LOVE Nick's pajama bottoms. Keep up the fight.
Sarah www.caringbridge.org/visit/vinnydigerolamo

Beci said...

Nick ~ I wanted you to know that my birth mom, June Huyck (St. Catherines, ONT, Canada), became a good friend of Terry Fox's mother. As you probably remember, I met June in June 1994, she passed of ovarian cancer in February 1996.
June ran every year in the Terry Fox race and raised thousands of dollars for his cause. She even climbed on the back of a motorcycle and rode when she was too weak to walk. Dani, Leslie & I ran and spoke at the race in 2003 June wrote a newspaper article called "Don't Quit ~ Not Ever! She ended it with a quote in the Toronto Globe the day after Terry Fox died. "Terry Fox's race is over. As a matter of fact, he never finished the course. None of us ever do. What is important is the running. What is important is to set goals. What is important is to not quit, NOT EVER! What is important is to run with as much grace and dignity as humanly possible, not forgetting to laugh at life's absurdities as well as weep at its cruelties."
June wrote her story and had it delivered to me after she passed. I have been writing a book about her and my adoption. I would love to email it to you. She was an incredible lady who despite giving up her baby girl at 15 years old, went on to be an inspiration to hundreds of people including me! Let me know your email address, I will send it to you.
Love always, Beci :)