Friday, November 19, 2010

Peace, Hope and Faith

I'm completely off the cancer topic and I'm not writing about Nick today, but this week has been impactful.

Starting with last Saturday when Lee, Nick and I attended the funeral for Rex Andersen, age 20. The hardest part for me was looking into the tear-filled eyes of Ralph, Rex's father, who was balancing precariously between the monumental sadness of having to say goodbye to his son and the joyful relief in knowing his son was free of his fragile human body to with his Heavenly Father. The wonderful part for me was when we told Ralph of Nick's latest amazing news, Ralph let his tears flow as he embraced Nick with a great big bear hug. The service had many special messages and I was grateful we were there to hear them.

On Monday morning, another young man - Blake Stromberg, age 22 - also passed away due to a form of leukemia. Blake's father, Mark, is a business associate and friend to Lee and I. Mark and I have shared hospital stories and followed our son's respective paths. The funeral is today and I am trying to find my perspective.

Tuesday, my cousin Rhiannon, gave birth to her 2nd son, Cole Daniel.
Thursday, our son, Bo and his wife Becky, welcomed their 2nd daughter, Saylor.
Both moms and both babies are perfectly healthy!

I completely believe that children bring with them knowledge from heaven, having a personal story about Carly to validate this belief for me. So I was wondering, did Cole & Saylor greet Rex & Blake, high-fiving them for the splendid work done and welcome them home? Did Rex & Blake share with Cole & Saylor the peace, hope and faith they brought with them from earth, so as little ones, they could continue to pass it on when they arrived? A spiritual tag team of sorts?

Rex, Blake, Cole & Saylor are all at home, surrounded by love, delivered with peace, hope and faith.

Today, I found my perspective. My faith is strengthened, my hope restored and I am comforted with peace.

With love,


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sdigerolamo said...

What a beautiful post, Lori! Congratulations on your new grand-daughter. I do believe the same as you.... babies bring with them sometimes the souls of those we have loved and lost,and they have full knowledge of Heaven. That connection can be so strong. I am keeping you in my thoughts.
Sarah (Vinny's Mom)