Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...

My first question to Dr. Gouw this morning was "just how much has the cancer decreased?" He answered by showing us the scans from December side by side with yesterday's scans. One one on the right appeared to have mostly solid gray, though you could see the spine. The other was full of several spots of white, black and various shades of grey. We all assumed the one on the right was the good one, nice and clear. Nope! The grey meant the cancer was everywhere! So being able to see all his organs, contrast, etc. is fantastic! I'm very, very thankful we didn't see December's scans earlier - it would've scared the life out of me!

We then talked about Nick's upcoming calendar, with the NCAA tournament in March and First Descent camps in April. Dr. Gouw worked it out so Nick will have a full dose today of cycle #1 for 1 day (which is particularly brutal), then off for four weeks. Cycle #2 isn't until March 21st for 5 days, then off for another four weeks then cycle #3 for 10 days on April 18th. So Nick will have a great couple of months!

Still no results on either clinical trial, although Dr. Gouw said it is very likely that Nick will test positive to the Sloan Kettering #09-090 trial as about 90% rhabdo cells do, while the local ALK trial has only just begun to test on sarcoma cells. And yes, the trial at Sloan Kettering will be treated in NYC.

That's it for now! Keep the prayers coming for Nick this week - he is going to be one sick fella. Blessings to all,

Love, Lori


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick
The good news just keeps coming. My daily devotional reminded me to keep my focus on Jesus - He is a constant that does not change or move. By doing so, the winds of life will not blow you off course. Your course is to fight rhabdo. The victory line is closer as evident by your newest scans. Praise be to God.
May God bless all your plans - for treatment, for travels, for work, for play. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

So glad the chemo is doing its stuff. So glad you've set up your schedule so you can go to the basketabll tourny and most of all go to Moab with First Descents. Hoping this last round of chemo doesn't "knock your socks off" too much. Love & light GM Jennie xx

Jay Paterson said...

HEy, You with the Cheese Head!

HEard you are gonna have a tough day. Keep up the good fight , and then keep your bum in your kayak or your saddle.

Wishing you lots of strength.

Monkks said...

Always pulling for you Nick...