Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Staph!

Things change hourly around here, but bottom line is that the bacteria culture finally grew results that confirmed staph. They will be putting him on a more appropriate antibiotic today. If he remains fever-free with stable blood counts for the next 24 hours, he can come home tomorrow. He still runs a teeny temp of 99, his oxygen levels are still low and his pulse around 112-117. They think his oxyg levels are low because of the pain in his lung and not being able to take a deep breath, due to probable blood clot. They will be draining his tummy later today (he is looking pregnant again), so they have to hold off on his blood thinning shots. To help with all of this, Nick is on a stationery bike for 30 minutes a day and taking walks in the hospital. They also think his pulse will begin to drop as the infection subsides and the body isn't working so hard to fight it.

He still isn't sleeping well and is so tired. It will be good to get him in his own comfy bed. For the first time ever, no one spent the night with him (Lee and Todd still both out of town) and I needed to be home for Kelsey and the dogs (Kelsey hit a stand up double with an RBI last night, FYI...) It was very traumatic for me though Nick was probably pleased. He refused to let me write my name and phone number on the whiteboard in his room, in case of an emergency. Fine. I'll just give it to each nurse, aide, receptionist, scheduler, technician and housekeeper I see on my way out.

More later, thanks all!
Love, Lori


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some good naps in and then a great nights sleep.... you must be totally exhausted! Fingers, legs, arms and eyes crossed that you get to go home tomorrow. Bye-bye infection and hello clinical trial. Hang in there. Love GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Night Nick,
I understand why you're not a LA Kings fan. They are LOSERS and you are NOT. Luckily the Sharks are a California team too - so I can cheer for them to beat Vancouver. One thing your friend Jay and I can cheer together for is you beating staph and then crushing rhabdo. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris

Phil said...

I am thinking of you Cousin. My love and prayers to you and yours.
#1 Cousin