Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another intense race!

So I entered another dirt bike race and ended up getting 9th. I will take top ten any day for now so I was very pleased. I am slowly progressing and am faster every race. 
I didn't get hurt at all in this race like I did last race. (I messed up my hand pretty good last race). This time in my first heat another racer hit a jump right next to me and his front tire ended up landing on my shoulder, then hitting my hand. We both stayed on our bikes which is crazy, and all I had was some scratches on my hand. Didn't even really hurt me. It was weird and scary at the same time. But when this happened during the race, I thought to myself at first, "Did that really just happen?!". Then my competitive attitude kicked in instantly and I thought to myself, "Game on! Go Nick go!" Ha it was fun. After the race I asked my Mom and Lee if they saw me almost get smashed, and they said they didn't. What were they watching?! I am the only racer with a tail light, and its dark! But my friends family saw it and they gave me sympathy so it was all good.
Well until next race!



Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
Your experience with the motorcycle hitting you, no pain, a surreal moment, then time and space reuniting with both bikes staying upright and you still in the race is very intriguing. For me, it is a glimpse into God's dimension. It gives me hope and faith that man is not alone. I feel blessed to serve a God who cares about even the split seconds in our lives. Godspeed in your future races.
Love, aunt Chris

Jay Paterson said...

Dear Walking Toothpick,
Nice to see you have regained your spirits as well.
Here we are , back at Stanley Cup time again. No Canadian team involved, just an awful lot of Canadians and Europeans playing.
Interesting how the old guys, with the experience and teamwork, hav taken an early lead on the favoured young stars.
You are young in age yet, but long in experience.
When you are racing, try to think like the master sergeant, the guy who has all the experience, or Nick Raitt, the fighter who has all the experience. The objective in the race is to FINISH.... FIRST. To do that you have to constantly be aware of the other guy, especially the guy who wants to get to the corner first. You have to be prepared to endure to the end and use your limited energy to its best possible effect.
The guys who forget about teamwork have to scramble like crazy and HOPE for the best, maybe their talent will win out.
The TEAM who uses all of their talents, all of the time, working together to FINISH...FIRST, usually does.
I'll Betcha Detroit prevails and wins The Stanley Cup.
See you soon,

Obsessedwithlife said...

Lori-hope you don't mind...I put your article on my blog :) and featured Nick's blog!