Friday, October 24, 2008

How about some good news?

Time to cherish some good news received this week...

26-year old rec'd clear scans; will keep his remission in check and is good to go for another 6 months.

7-year old had clear chest x-rays after only 3 months of chemo - tumors have vanished.

6-year old had MRI verifying continued remission status.

2-year old had clear x-rays; in the middle of treatment.

Here's a big one: I received an email about a drug company and a cautiously but promising new wonder drug. It's pre-clinical results claim: "Complete responses were observed following a single intravenous treatment in the majority of neuroblastoma models and in all alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma tumor models, demonstrating both activity and potency." There are current clinical trials, but for 18+ patients. It's also supposed to have low toxicity! Check out the full article at

And just for fun, a goofy picture of Nick taken up in Canada.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Anonymous said...

Good news makes us all smile and keeps us going. Thanks for the smiles. Stay positive and happy. Love you - Jennie xx

Jay Paterson said...

Goofy Huh!
That's my original ski!

We are all really glad to be able to celebrate good news.

Lots of love to all from North of the border

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and kids,
Some more good news - marriage is alive and well in California and Jessica and Kris had a perfect wedding in Pasadena last weekend. Everyone was glad to see Nick, Carly, and Kelsey and Nick was able to share "chemo war stories" with other cancer surviors at the celebration. My toast to Jessica and Kris was for Hope, Faith and Love. I send out a similar toast to all who visit this site. May your faith be strengthened by the miracle of Nick and others, may you experience hope in God's promise to never forsake us, and may you love and be loved.
Godspeed, aunt Chris