Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marathon Totals

I am proud to announce that two checks were issued today: One to CureSearch and one to First Descents - both charities received $8,250 as there was $16,500 raised!!!!!! I am beyond thrilled of the enormous outpouring of generosity and the tenacious commitment of Nick's Warriors by participating in the marathon.

First Descents will be able to send EIGHT cancer survivors/fighters to camp and CureSearch will dedicate their contribution specifically to RHABDO research (I have asked the director to provide specifics and will share once recieved).

We were a little nervous Sunday night as Nick had a fever hovering just under 100 degrees. He slept through it and his counts and spirits were back up on Monday. I'm sure he'll find something fun to do this week before checking back in to hospital on the 28th.

Prayers of gratitude and blessings are being said loud and clear. I'm so humbled as He continues to walk with Nick through each journey, and that you all walk with us, too.

Love Lori


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone!! The money raised is going to such worthy causes. Lori - you are the most amazing woman and your dedication over the past few years in raising awareness and money for rhabdo research is truly awesome. I am so very fortunate to have you and your family in my life. Very glad that your fever broke Nick - now its time for all of you to have some fun!! - G.M. Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Memorial Weekend Nick,
This holiday reminds us to make choices in our lives that serve others first. You have already figured that out at a young age. First, choosing to join the Air National Guard before you were even finished with high school is noble. Choosing to battle cancer with a "how can I help" attitude is valiant. Choosing to spend your time first with your family is virtuous.
Your blogspot is a memorial to the fact that cancer can not stop one's spirit from making a difference in all things - everyday - always. May God bless you in this week ahead.
Love, aunt Chris