Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We met with Dr. Chen & Dr. Gouw today and the news was fantastic! Nick's tumor has shrunk more than 50% - going from 3.6 x 6.4 cm to 2.0 x 4.7 cm - in just two rounds! He is in for another round today, coming home on Sunday. He'll go back again June 17th, recover, off to First Descents then have scans again around July 10th. IF he is still responding well to chemo, he'll have another two rounds. IF NOT, he'll have surgery. Either way, the cancer is doomed. Chest CT also looked stable.

Nick was too funny as we left the doctors office and went to the front desk to submit out schedule, saying: "May I have some chemo, please?" The ladies cracked up and asked if wanted anything else with it. He said, "Perhaps some iv fluids, mesna - you know - anything with needles!" Then when we checked in to the 4th floor, he asked one of our favorite aides, "Hey, can I come and play today?" I believe right now he is whooping one of his buddies at dice.

Thanks for the prayers! Forever humbled...


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Chris Ulvin said...

Hi family,
Todd called Stan as soon as he got the news. Your family in California is happily sharing with all who ask about Nick and even those who don't, "Your prayers have been answered - God is blessing Nick with One in a Million Odds - Nick's rhabdo is shrinking fast".
Thank you heavenly Father, aunt Chris