Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So as you may know I made a trip out to California this past week with my dad to go see the Pittsburgh Penguins play the LA Kings, as well as see family and spend some time at the beach. I wore my recently signed Crosby jersey to the game, however it did not bring any luck to my team for they lost 5 to 2. I must say they were lacking two star players due to injury. 
I must also let everyone know that I played golf the first day with my Uncle Stan.... and I had 3 birdies on the back nine... shooting a 40. I was very pleased that I started the week off so nicely. Later in the week my dad and I drove out to Ventura to look at some sail boats and go to the beach. I love the beach and plan on going again soon when my stamina and health is back so I can give surfing a try.
Anyways here are some pics of the trip... I had a blast!!


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick and Todd,
We loved participating in your latest California adventure. See you on December 31st when we fly away to see God's creation in the southern hemisphere. Thankfully, the Princess Cruise ship will be a little bit bigger than those sailboats.
Love, aunt Chris

Nick, my prayers will focus on next week's chemo and your continued healing.

jay said...

Surf's Up Dude

Leigh said...

Nick, your picture in front of the Staples Center is the bomb!!!! Love the jersey! good luck, i have been following you.... me