Sunday, November 1, 2009

I took the term "saddle sore" to another level

So as you may know I spent this weekend with a good family friend Colin who owns the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab herding buffalo on Antelope Island. It was a complete blast and something not many people get to say they have done. I'll tell you right now its a lot different than cattle.... they CHARGE you. Two horses were gored on the round-up that I saw (not our horses) and a few people fell off their horse running away. Ha but all in all I don't think anyone was hurt.
There are 600 buffalo on antelope island, and we probably moved around 200 in the two days we were there. Saturday we spent 8 hours in the saddle just moving them 13 miles. They simply would only move if they wanted to. But today (sunday), we got them to a full on run right off the bat so it was a lot easier. Once those guys get moving they don't stop. I felt like Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves when he is on the buffalo hunt at a full on run. I mean you are right there with them, and you can hear them gruntin' and runnin'. Its pretty loud! I think they were easier to push today since it was a smaller herd and not as many bulls.
Anyways it was a great time and I wont forget it. Thanks Colin for the invite and I plan on coming down in a couple weeks to learn how to rope some steers.
Here are some pics of the trip, couldn't get any close up pics of the buffalo due to the fact you had to be ready to "high tail" it out of there at any moment. Only had to do it once! Call me a quick learner... ha

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Colin,
So nice to read a posting about "saddle sores" instead of "bed sores". Thank you for giving Nick the opportunity to CHARGE ahead in his healing.

Dear Nick,
You look great in the saddle! I'm glad you're a fast learner and I pray that you are a miraculous healer.
Love, aunt Chris