Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I am thinkin

Nick here...

So I thought I would finally post myself and tell everyone again in my own words..... Yes I am stopping chemo treatments after my next round, but that does not mean I am giving up on this battle. Just doing it on my terms. I did everything that was asked of me the first I battled, and it relapsed. So this time I think I would like to fallow my feelings and do it a different way. What I find to be positive thoughts about my decision is this: Last time I did not receive chemo or radiation after surgery, while I did both this time after having my spleen and half of my pancreas removed. So I am still optimistic!!

Now about this buffalo round-up I am doing this weekend.... I am STOKED!! I have purchased everything I need to stay warm and it should be an awesome experience. I cant wait to post the pictures monday. (There is a chance I might be wearing chaps!)

I want to thank Colin for making this weekend possible and thank everyone else for being understanding. It might seem kinda scary right now but I can honestly tell you that right now I feel more confidence in my gut than nerves. ITS GONNA BE OKAY GUYS

Okay... im off. Talk to ya'll soon


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Daria said...

Nick ... all the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Nick...i love your article.i know you can do it..just believe to your self.and don't give up..your making your own wheel.go cowboy!!..

Elizabeth Wilcox

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nephew Nick,
This posting answers the question "How goes it with your soul?". Your soul has a voice and I'm hopeful in your decision to listen to it and follow. I looked up the definition for "fallow" and you don't want to do that with your soul.
May your soul "be well" as you round up buffalo, heal and strengthen your body, and give God thanks each day.
Love and prayers, aunt Chris