Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Epeius Biotech

Just read an email and thought I'd pass it on:

Subject: Epeius reports complete remissions

Epeius Biotech is reporting three complete remissions of three separate Stage IV metastatic cancers --- one each of osteosarcoma, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer --- after a regimen of its nanotech anti-tumor treatment, Rexin-G, used as a single agent.

The prostate patient, an elderly priest, apparently suffered from end-stage disease before Rexin-G treatment. His bone lesions have healed and he is back at work saying mass.

This should be major news if it holds up under further review.

Fervent prayers that they are on to something...

Nick had a concerning issue today involving his blood. His platelets (affects how the blood clots) are pretty low - 86 (normal is around 150 and higher), but staying level. They'll do labs again on Thursday to see how he is doing. May have to adjust chemo for next week. I'm doing my best not to ask him, "So, how ya feeling?" every 3 minutes. I think it, though. I spread it around and ask the dogs at random, then Kelsey, Carly, Lee, workmates, girlfriends, the mailman, the grocery clerk, roll down my window to ask the driver in the car next to me at a stop light, and so on. Time to wear a warning hat, perhaps?

But really, today is a good day. Love to all checking in!


PS: Jay Paterson, I LOVE YOU!

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
We are feeling fine in California. Stan will be headed your way next week and looks forward to seeing Nick and all the other Utah gang. I suspect he'll ask Nick "So, how ya feeling?"
I'm also feeling fine about the Epeius Biotech news. "Is any thing too hard for the Lord?" Genesis 18:14 A resounding NO! I will pray with confidence that God will make the way for Nick to be in complete remission from cancer. In faith, hope and love, aunt Chris