Monday, October 19, 2009

Chemo - yes? no?

Nick's platelets continued to be down last week and Dr. Gouw said chemo would be delayed a week. He asked Nick to come in and get labs drawn Monday morning (today) and if platelets up (over 100), he could go ahead with chemo. So we showed up at 8:00 a.m. and labs indicated platelets rebounded great - over 200, but his white cell count was low. Hmmm. No go yet. Checked on his ANC count (ability to make new baby white cells) and it was fine. It's a go. We spent the next eight hours at the hospital for him to receive chemo and radiation treatments.

We met with Dr. Gouw this morning and he admitted they are really beating the tar out of Nick's body; with blood in his colon last week and his counts continuing to be really low, it's obvious Nick's bone marrow is getting weaker and weaker. Nick asked him how much more his body can take (chemo) and Dr. Gouw said he just doesn't know. Truth be told, Nick isn't sure how much more he can take; it's taking a toll on him physically, emotionally and mentally. The protocol being used is experimental and we will just have to take it cycle by cycle. It's more difficult when there isn't a tumor to monitor in trying to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. We're just crossing our fingers that we are eradicating the remaining cancerous cells.

Nick is very fatigued and dropped four pounds this week. He was home alone (well, not totally alone with his dad and friends a few minutes away) as we were out of town for the last four days with Kelsey in Southern Utah for a softball tournament. He usually pops his head off the couch to smile and say, "Hey, Mom, I have cancer. Would you make me some food?" I respond, "Hey, Nick, I have a child with cancer so get your own food." Makes us both smile as I prepare his some food. There is something very disturbing in this scenario.

Thank goodness it's October - MLB playoffs, football - both college and pro, NBA and NHL underway. I lent him my Kindle and he read his first book in three years and ready to order another one. He also has cracked open his college materials to finish up the two classes he still has an incomplete in at the U of U. It is overwhelming, but he is at least looking. He is looking forward to going to the Utah Grizzlies hockey game - opening night - on Saturday, compliments of the Grizzlies and if his counts can handle it, he still plans on going to California next week to see the Penguins.

Love to all,



Anonymous said...

Tons of prayers, positiveness and support being sent your way.
Love you dearly - GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick, Lori and hundreds of family, friends, and angels (God knows who you are) that check this blogspot - God bless you!
Thank you God for the GO on chemo as that means Nick will be able to travel to California the first week in November to see family and the Penguins. Dear Lord, please strengthen your wonderful design of bone marrow in Nick so that he can withstand chemo. We uncross our fingers and raise our hands to You - the Alpha and Omega - praying that You eradicate all cancerous cells in Nick's body. Heavenly Father, I thank you for your Love, Grace, and Promise to Nick and us. Amen.
In Faith, Hope and Love, aunt Chris

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny.
It's nice to have a team to look forward to going to see. Grizzlies on Saturday night. Have a blast!

For over 40 years (but who is counting), MY favourite team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, have SUCKED!
Every Saturday Dad and I would tune in, back then, to RADIO to listen to the game. No one went outside on Saturday night until the game was over, and I mean no one in all of Canada!

It was a different time, and a different culture, and for certain a different team.

So whether you are at the game on Saturday Night, or at home, Cheer your Pants Off! (After losing 4 pounds it won't take much to have them fall down anyhow)

and for fun, I'll bet you TWO BUCKS that the Grizzlies get pounded by Idaho tomorrow night.

And Nick,..., GM Jennie and Aunt Chris really do speak for all of us, all of the time. Lots of Love,

Jay, Anne, and the gang up North.