Thursday, October 29, 2009

Radiation Over, AGAIN!

I asked Nick to update yesterday - he must still be thinking about it. So, in the meantime, I'll provide a few tidbits and let him post when he remembers.

We met with Dr. Gouw and he said that it really isn't a bad idea to stop treatment and that Nick's decision is just as valid as the doctor's. He described Nick as a very unique case - age, relapse area, resection, the number of chemo cycles (rounds) - NINETEEN, the different types of chemotherapy drugs - SEVEN, radiation treatments - FIFTY-SIX and so on. Technically, they view Nick as having received three cycles post-surgery. For some reason, the oncology world likes to keep cycles in numbers of four or six (numbers required for clinical trials, statistics for writing papers, offical studies, etc.). So Nick has agreed to do one more cycle but wants to delay it a week, which will have him start on Nov 16th rather than on Nov 9th. Dr. Gouw and Dr. Grier will determine which of the lucky therapies to use on him - could be a one dose, one week or two week cycle. Should know by tomorrow.

Nick is done with radiation TODAY and wil be done with chemo by end of November. He'll have another PET/CT scan done following his last treatment and then will monitor him every three months, hoping and praying the cancer is gone for good. He is feeling leaps and bounds better today than on Monday. He will have labs drawn today and hopefully the reduced chemo cycle (by 25%) last week won't cause as much damage as last time.

Thanks to all for the reassuring words - it makes a difference. I haven't cried yesterday or today! The prayers for comfort were answered immediately and I truly appreciate the kindness bestowed upon Nick and our family.

Nick leaves tomorrow to check out some buffalo. He'll have a blast!

More to follow soon,

with love,


Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!! No more radiation and only 1 more round of chemo. Keep getting stronger and keep having fun. With love - GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and family,
I had to ponder this posting for awhile before commenting. The two points that jumped out at me were "Nick's decision is just as valid as the doctor's" and "Nick agreed to do one more cycle".
Way to go Nick! You are both wise and discerning. Two qualities that have and will continue to serve you well in life. Godspeed.
Love aunt Chris