Friday, April 23, 2010


As we are in full swing preparing for the Philly Broad Street Run on May 2nd and the Ogden Marathon on May 15th, I feel it is important to emphasize as to WHY we are raising money. The following link - was written by Mary Sorens about funding for childhood cancers and advocating sarcoma-specific research and services. This is very informative and validates our efforts in support of CureSearch.

On another note,the following editorial -
- discusses some startling facts about the American Cancer Society. I am very disappointed in the facts stated here, however Relay for Life was one of the best experiences I have had relating to ALL cancers. Last year we did not raise money for the event itself, with the exception of the luminary bags. I would partipate again based soley on the luminary ceremony - a very tender, emotional tribute to EVERYONE associated with cancer in EVERY situation - those that have passed, those newly diagnosed, those still fighting, those who are caregivers, those that support.

We dedicate our fundraisers specifically for CureSearch and First Descents, but I feel the Relay for Life allows me to embrace the emotional bond we all have with cancer. Someday, maybe we can incorporate our own event combining all intentions. Someday, maybe cancer will be eradicated and fundraising won't be necessary.

Love Lori

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
Continue to follow your heart and let the dollars and cents of life work themselves out. Relay for Life blesses people in ways that can't be measured on a spread sheet. May God bless many through CureSearch and First Descents as they reap the benefits of the generosity of many and your diligent work.
Love, aunt Chris