Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ascorbic Acid

We have done some extensive research on ascorbic acid via iv therapy (massive doses of vitamin c) and Nick has chosen to proceed with this treatment. To quote from a PNAS paper dated September 20, 2005, Vol 102, No. 38 - "Our data show that ascorbic acid selectively killed cancer but not normal cells, using concentrations that could only be achieved by iv administration and conditions that reflect potential clinical use. Ascorbate administered iv is likely to be safe in most patients, with virtually no toxicity compared to most currently available cancer chemotherapy agents." - communicated by J.E. Rall, National Institutes of health, Bethesda, MD, August 2, 2005. Obviously, the written research is extensive, but this gives you the nutshell version. We are fortunate to have a clinic near us that can administer the ascorbate and Nick had his first treatment yesterday. We sat down with the doctor and she review Nick's blood results (before treatment):

Nick is just a little bit low in his red and white cell count; that's ok and expected after the brutal chemo treatment he went through. What she has never seen before is that he has ZERO candida antibodies; usually candida is rampant in patients having undergone chemo and radiation. In addition, his heart is in excellent shape (so the red devil, aka doxorubicin, didn't affect his heart) and there is no indication WHATSOEVER of any hidden inflamation (cancers cells busy munching away at his healthy cells). His albumin levels are perfect (albumin is the protein that covers the cell walls and low levels may indicate cancerous activity). She feels there are no indicators of cancerous activity in Nick's body. He is a healthy, normal 21-year old young man. Had she seen his file and not know his background, she wouldn't have known he ever had cancer. His vitamin d levels are low but he is boosting his body with supplement drops. Between the ascorbic acid (adminstered once a week) and vitamin d drops, he is ramping up his immune system so his own body can keep the cancer cells at bay. She did some other tests and we have a very clear and concise baseline to watch and compare. Now we should be able to spot cancer activity in the very beginning of cell malfunction rather than have to wait for a tumor to be found on a scan.

I am extremely grateful for his decision to be proactive in maintaining his health. Within the past 4 weeks, four rhabdo warriors have earned their angel wings - all young adults! We also lost our dear friend, Lisa, last month. It has been a heartbreaking month to say the least. With this in mind, Nick's Warriors are out in force and will be participating in both the Philadelphia Broad Street Run on May 1st and the Ogden Marathon on May 15th. An annoucement with details will be posted tomorrow.

Please pray for another rhabdo warrior - David Buck (his mom's name is Lori, too). He is also 21 and he and his family could use your support. www.carepages.com/carepages/DavidBuckUpdates/updates

Thank you, everyone! I'm truly on bended knees giving thanks for Nick's miraculous health. Please join Nick's Warriors in our efforts to eradicate cancer and empower young adult cancer survivors!


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Chris Ulvin said...

WOW Nick,
I too will be on my knees giving God thanks. The Ulvins love you and want to enjoy your unique spirit here on earth for many years to come. See you for the Ogden Marathon.
Love, aunt Chris