Monday, March 29, 2010

Moab and Vail

Nick here.....

So this past week has been CRAZY. I arrived in Moab Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday morning to clear skies and warm weather. I love that place. I spent the next two days riding horses up the canyon to fix washed out trails and learning how to rope like the real cowboys do. It was a great time and always is when I go there. Its a good thing when you leave Moab walking like an 90 year old man.
My Dad met me in Moab on Friday and we left together on Saturday morning for the First Descents Ball in Vail. FD has this ball once a year to raise money for the program and its their biggest source of income for it. Since it was a hat party I was sure to wear my cowboy hat with my rodeo shirt, boots, jeans, and belt buckle! The Ball took place at the Ritz Carlton in Vail and it sure did live up to the name. It was the nicest ballroom I have ever seen with a GREAT band playing. I was told that last year there were around 250 people who came to the ball, but they were expecting close to 450 this year! So FD is officially starting to take off. The first camp in 2001 only had 15 campers..... they expect to have 1,000 in one year for 2015. Awesome!
So I spent most of the time talking to past counselors that I know well but did not see one fellow camper that I have gone to camp with, which I was surprised. I expected to see a few of them. But I did meet a lot of awesome people that have been to some of the other camps in other locations. All of them with great stories of survival and how FD has changed their lives. Anyways the dinner was great, the auction was great, the people were great, the music was great, it was just all GREAT. I was sad when the party ended. But the good news is that they probably raised around $300,000 that night. One night!!!
I am also in the process of getting a movie premier together of the documentary film about FD which I will most likely be showing at the dinner before the Ogden Marathon as well as the marathon in Philadelphia. So if your going to be at any of those two events this May be prepared to see how amazing this camp really is.
Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone who has donated to my foundation because I have been reminded yet again how much we really make a difference with our efforts. Also I want to thank Brad Ludden for all he does and for getting the whole FD program where it is today.
Thanks everyone!!
Nick (Nickname)


Kris said...

Nick - you look AWESOME! I'm so happy to read that you are doing good. I always keep you in my prayers. ('and please bless Nicky in his progress'). ;) Stop by and see us some time. Love ya!

Laurel said...

Great news Cowboy, i grew up riding and roping in Wyoming. We will have to have rope off next time I see you. God Bless Brad and Laurel Wilkinson

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
Great pictures! You are taller than everyone - even "The Duke". May God grant you a long, prosperous life as He did for Mr. John Wayne.
Love, aunt Chris

Nick & Friends Sarcoma Foundation said...

Hi Nick. My name is Andrea. I am the founder of Nick & Friends Sarcoma Foundation...named after my cousin Nick, who lost his battle with Ewing's. I saw a post from your mom on a carepage, and wanted to meet you. We have a list of sarcoma friends on our website. I would love to add you to that list and get you plugged into our community. I can link your name to this blog. Send me an email if you are interested. You can also visit and register. Once you are a member, click on "The List" to meet our sarcoma friends. Have a nice day. :) Andrea