Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going Great!

Carly, Nick, Lee & Kelsey

Nick has had a great week! Last Wednesday, he went in to sign off on his clinical trial to discontinue treatment. Final results inlcuded a weight of 148.8 - a gain of almost 10 lbs in one month! His blood tests came back a little low - he is anemic - we can certainly work that out!
Grandma, Carly, Kelsey & Nick
We went to Spokane to watch the NCAA tournament and got to see the Maryland vs. Michigan State game - fantastic! We were only able to see the 1st half of the Purdue vs. Texas A&M game (which went into overtime) because we had to catch our flight home. We had some quality time with our extended family there, too.

He took off yesterday for Moab to have some cowboy time during his spring break, sporting his first pair of new cowboy boots. Then he's off to First Descents Ball on Saturday in Vail.
We are in full swing introducing WACKY - Warriors Against Cancer in Kids and Young-adults. This is the fun marketing side to Nick's Warriors. It is our intent to have WACKY represented at all of our fundraising events. The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia is our next event on May 2nd, followed by the Ogden Marathon on May 15th. I will be posting additional information within the next couple of weeks.
For all of those that continue to pray for Nick, please take a moment to acknowledge His grace in answering our prayers with blessing Nick with good health. Celebrate!
Love Lori


Anonymous said...

Well Nick you look fantastic! Hope you had a great time in Moab and Colorado. Spring is here with the promise of a wonderful long and sunny summer and my wish for you is a wonderful long and healthy life. Keep the sunshine in your vision. Make the most of each and every day. Life is fun!!! Love You - GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi WACKY Folks,
Acronyms are lots of fun. While reading your latest post Lori, I was wondering what names for God I could match up with WACKY and if I could compose a prayer with God's names for all kids and young adults who battle cancer. So here goes....
Way - John 14:6, May cancer patients find the true medical treatment for them and experience a deeper meaning to their life. Alpha - Revelation 1:8, May cancer patients be blessed by God's loving hand today, yesterday and tomorrow. Comforter - Jeremiah 8:18, May cancer patients and their families be comforted. King - 1 Timothy 6:15, May cancer patients be at the right place at the right time. Yah - Exodus 15:2, May the Yah (Lord) be the strength and the might for all cancer patients. Amen.
In Christ's love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Deja Vu Nick!
May God bless 2011 and beyond just as He did 2010 and before. Today my Bible devotion reading is Psalm 131 - Song of Quiet Trust. I think that describes you Nick. I encourage you to follow verse 3 "O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time on and forevermore".
God bless you Nick - safe travels to Colorado - continued healing in the months ahead.
Love, aunt Chris