Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in...

"No Evidence of Disease" is a funny space to live in. When you have an actual tumor or markers, you are actively and aggressively fighting cancer with various treatments. When there isn't anything to see or define active cancer in your body and treatment has stopped, you aren't technically in "remission" and can't consider your self "clear" until after 5 years of clean scans. So where do you fit in? What is going on in your body that you can't see? Why is the fatigue still so strong? What is normal?

I'm sure these are the feelings Nick has been experiencing this past month. I really can only be so empathetic as he is the only one really experiencing this journey. As his mom, I continue to encourage him to embrace whatever sense of normalcy he can, on whatever level. It wasn't until we had a visitor, Thomas, from back east, that gave us a brilliant perspective.

Thomas continued to dominate the dinner conversation his first evening here, when he stopped to look at Nick and proclaim, "The cancer card is over. Go get a job. Go apply for an internship. Do SOMETHING and start contributing to YOUR future!" Nick stumbled in his reply, stating his has BIG plans for the summer, all involving kayaking. But Thomas wouldn't let it go. "What else are you interested in? What classes are you taking in college?" He applauded Nick's commitment to First Descents and his being a counselor this summer. But what else? He gave Nick much to think about.

When we all came home from work the following evening, Nick announced he had an interview set up with the Utah Grizzlies (Salt Lake City's minor league hockey team) for an internship. Nick would be able to earn college credits and apply his efforts in his business major, if he was selected, in an area Nick loved - hockey! Nick's interview was yesterday afternoon. It last about 30 seconds since Nick is already on a first name basis with the director of PR. It consisted of, "So, Nick - what do you want to do and can you start Friday?"
Sometimes you need to hear "Get off the couch!" from someone other than Mom and Dad. Thank you, Thomas!

Upcoming events:
March 19th & 21st - NCAA men's basketball tournament in Spokane, WA
March 23rd - 26th - Moab, UT for spring break
March 27th - Vail, CO for First Descents Ball
April 16th - 18th - Moab, UT for weekend fun
May 2nd - Philadelphia, PA for the Broad Street 10 Mile Run
May 15th - Ogden, UT for the Ogden Marathon

I also received a phone call with excellent news! The Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation have committed to 8 (maybe 12) softball fields and field crew for our 3rd annual charity softball tournament on September 10th & 11th. Not only that, they will handle all the on-line registration as well!

Things are going great! We'll have more to follow!

With love,


Chris Ulvin said...

Congrats Nick,
Just goes to show - blessings are out there - we just need to seek and ask. Your California family (with some Texas family too)is looking forward to joining you for the Odgen Marathon. See you soon.
Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

So.... what are you going to do with the Grizzlies?? Awesome that you got the deal. I'm sure you will love it (and you get to earn credits at the same time). I am very pleased that you are over your "slump" and that your energy and your ability to enjoy life is returning. With love GM Jennie

Lorin Decker Buck said...

I love this. It's so "right on." Good for Thomas! When you're in the middle of a cancer battle, you get used to putting life on hold. It takes someone from outside to give you permission, almost, to resume living.

I saw a phrase I like in a French novel this morning. I want to make it my mantra: "Et la vie reprit son cours." And life went on (exact translation: And life resumed its course.)

Good for Nick for jumping right into life again, making plans and commitments for the future!

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny, Way to go!
Up here we have a very old saying, which means 'Be Prepared'. It's:

"Remember..., Keep your stick on the ice!"

Of all the things U.S. players are noted for, it's mostly that they got into hockey really late in life. Up here you've got a stick in your hand before you can walk.
It's not just part of our cultrue, for a lot of people it IS their culture.
If you're gonna be working to improve the quality of play with your team/league then that phrase above may be of real value. We've been coached since diapers to be prepared to accept a pass, be prepared to make a good one, keep your head up so you don't get blindsided, and be committed to your actions. That's all part of our game, our growing up.
Some U.S. players have it, most don't.
You can help instil that sense because of your experiences and your passion.
So Keep your stick on the ice, and go get em.

Chris Ulvin said...

God Monday Morning to you Nick,
"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope;" Psalm 130:5
May God be good to you this day. May "No Evidence of Disease", "Remission", and "Clear" all be words in your immediate, near and forever future. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris