Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick Update

It's Sunday night and we are totally, completely pooped! The tournament was a success, at least in my opinion. Pictures and stories to follow soon.

Thursday, I took Nick to get his labs done and by Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call that Nick's counts have critically plummeted to zero. His counts dropped on day 7 rather than day 10; obviously his bone marrow is struggling. I told Nick he was grounded and the arguing began. He started out by stating he HAD TO GO to the softball tournament, at least the skills contest, our personal favorite. He has been hospitalized twice for severe neutropenic fevers the last two times he has had this particular type of chemo treatment.

Later in the day, he said said in a tone that only a mother understands, "Mom, I think I have a fever", knowing that if anything registering over 100.5 means an immediate trip to ER. I looked over at him with instant fear, as Nick slapped his knee, looking at his grandma, saying "Every time... every time... she falls for it." That little stunt worked two more times during the day. Occasionally, I'd look over at him and only his eyes could be seen peeking over the couch pillows, looking at me with a twinkle as I heard him chuckle. Brat.

He won the argument. He did attend the first day of the softball tournament for the skills contest and the challenge slow pitch game against his sister, Carly. I just winced as he hugged and shook hands, with his compromise bandana hanging loosely around his neck (vs. the mask I wanted him to wear). He did have a hand santizer in his pocket, in case his pocket was wary of any germs, I suppose). But, no regrets. He had a blast and so did everyone else. Details to follow soon but for now, we're hitting the hay.

With love,


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