Monday, September 20, 2010

A weekend of fishin'

Nick here...

So, as most of you may know.... I started up the chemo grind yet again a couple weeks ago. As always, I felt pretty drained for the past week or so and have spent a lot of time on the couch catching up on my tv shows and not eating as much as I should be. Fortunately I have an awesome support system that likes to get me up and going again. My "fairy godmother", Jennie, and her husband Dean arranged a fishing trip at Strawberry Reservoir this past weekend with a bunch of friends: Colin, Monica, Howard, Doug, and even Mateo and Buttons (First Descents participants) who drove out from Denver.

The weekend began with Lee and I driving out to the lake to meet everyone. We didn't hesitate to begin fishing late that afternoon even though Mateo and Buttons had not arrived yet. Unfortunately, I did not catch anything that night..... actually I didn't catch anything that weekend. Dean did let me reel in fish he hooked on Saturday night so that was cool. I guess I was not cut out to be a fisherman.... I will stick to ropin' steers in Moab.
What I did get out of the fishing trip though was some good laughs at dinner and regained stamina and appetite that I needed. Mateo and Buttons also brought a couple gifts that I did not expect..... One being some awesome sunglasses (I love sunglasses) and a certificate to get my Kayaking Instruction Certification, which would be awesome to do next spring because then I could get paid to do the thing I love.... KAYAK. So lastly I want to thank Lee, Jennie and Dean for getting me off the couch to come experience and awesome weekend fishing, surrounded by the people I love. Can't do much better than that.

I am now off to Moab with my Dad to do some more healing by enjoying good company and spectacular scenery. Oh.... and rope some steers!

With love,
(Nickname) Raitt

Doing some rolls - a bit harder when fatigued... gotta little help from my friends.

PS from Mom: we buzzed his head last night - the calico kitten look for hair is now gone.Nick will be getting his port put in this Friday and chemo starts again on Monday, the 27th, for five days, outpatient, 2 chemo combo - assuming he comes back from Moab :)


Anonymous said...

Hey "Buzzed" Nickname - Any time you want off the couch just call. We had SO much fun - thank you :)
The art of fishing is to enjoy the trip (as we all did) - catching fish is secondary! Maybe next time you can rope 'em!!
Love & light to you.. GM Jennie xx

Beci said...

I remember you being quite the fisherman in Fish Lake a few years back. The morning we woke up early and went went out to the lake before anyone else is a time I will always remember. Have a great time in Moab! My love and prayers for you and your family are never ending :)

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny,
Today's the 27th, and I hear you have a new Port. Well we've still got the duct tape up here North of the Border, so we'll save it for another kayaking experience in our cold waters.
You know I've been fishin' for all of my life.
Every once in a long, long while I get to do some Catchin'.
The big difference? Knowing when you're just fishin', of when you're just catchin'.

Here's a really big tip for you, Keep your Worms Warm!

By the way, I don't wish to alarm you, but in the photos you sent, it looks like somebody chopper off both ends of your boat! No wonder you can't keep your head from getting wet!

Lots of Love and support from all of us way up here.

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I echo all the prayers and love being sent your way.
Love, aunt Chris