Monday, March 14, 2011

A good week!

Nothing much new health wise - Nick is still sleeping off the effects of his last chemo treatment. Sleeping... a lot! He missed out not going to St. George with me to watch his little sister, Kelsey, play ball. She did terrific! Came home exhausted, sunburned and happy. The two of them picked up on their wrestling - Nick started it - but with a well placed toe-bending maneuver and an even more impressive full-on chomp to his calf muscle, Kelsey declared herself the winner.

To validate he was feeling better, besides his professional wrestling moves, he was in fine spirits. As I was fixing dinner last night, I asked Kelsey to help me for a minute. She said, "Aw, dang Mom, I just put on fingernail polish." I said, "Nick?" He said, "I have cancer." and we all bust up laughing. Not funny, though, neither one of them helped me.

We leave Wednesday afternoon to Denver for the NCAA tournament. Luck has it we will see both BYU and Gonzaga play - two family favorites!

It will be a fun week. Chemo is all of next week and we are still waiting for the clinical trial results. Til then...



Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and family,
Sounds like a GREAT WEEK! May God send His helper the Holy Spirit to cover Nick's week of chemo. Amen. Until then, may the best team win. In my book, that team is the Nick Raitt WACKY Warriors. Godspeed.
Love, aunt Chris

Nicholas Rait said...

Dear Nick,

I stumbled across your page looking for something I had posted on another blog.

I am 24. I live in Australia.

My name is Nicholas Rait.

Although we have never met and are half a world removed, we are distant kin. Our family name dates back to German Soldiers who crossed the sea to Scotland in the 13th Century.

Know that you have the lineage of a warrior and you will beat this.

Kick its butt mate,

Nic Rait