Friday, March 25, 2011

Leadville, Packers & Scans

What a week!!!!! Nick finished up round 28 today, but with a potential set back. He drained 3.5 liters in 3 days, which has prompted Dr. Gouw to schedule a ct scan asap (Monday at 8:30 a.m. to be followed by appointment with Dr. Gouw at 2:00 p.m.). May be that cancer took advantage of the extra week off treatment. Thank goodness the fairy godmothers came to visit!

To offset this news, we received an email from Larry Linne today, confirming a donation commitment of $10,000 to WACKY - here is his story:

The Leadville 100 is a 100 mile epic mountain bike race within the high altitude mountains and valleys of Leadville, Colorado, created for only the most determined athletes looking to challenge themselves and impress the world. The majority is on back-country roads - treacherous Colorado rocky terrain - with some short sections of paved road. The entire course is 9,000 feet and climbs to 12,600 feet. In 2009 Lance Armstrong won the ultra-marathon race in a record time of 6:28:30.

Larry Linne, a friend and business associate of Lee’s developed through Strategic Coach, has announced his commitment to participate in this grueling annual feat that will be held August 13th. Not only is Larry riding to raise money for Bethel School for the Blind (he and his wife adopted their daughter from this orphanage in China –, but has also expressed his intent to race for Nick’s WACKY Warriors, too. He designed his own shirts combining the two – Samurai Wacky Warrior Against Cancer.

Here is an excerpt of Larry’s intention in his own words:

“My daughter (adopted from China two years ago) is 15 and blind. The entire race at Leadville, I will be thinking of her and Nick. My motivation will be how hard they could and would ride if their bodies would allow them to do so. Maybe what we raise will provide that opportunity for one of them or for others to be in a future race.”

Larry has set a vision of raising $25,000 and has already hit the $12,500 mark!

In addition to Larry’s commitment, First Descents will also have a team of 20 participants, also competing in the race this year.


On our way home from the hospital today, I had to stop by the office real quick. On my desk was a Fed Ex package addressed to Nick from Dan Burkwald, another friend who has supported Nick throughout his entire journey.

Enclosed was a Green Bay Packers jersey signed by the one and only, Aaron Rodgers! Per Dan, Aaron signed the jersey on March 16th, specifically for Nick. Aaron is on the board for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer and Nick's challenge touched him.

So as cancer tries to terrify and control our lives, God is answering our prayers by sending these wonderful angels on earth to us, with support, gifts and unconditional love. Thank you fairy godmothers, Larry, Dan & Aaron and to all the others that continue to send prayers our way.

Please keep them coming - we will need them on Monday. With loads of love,

Lori & Nick


It's Me said...

love your blog, nice to meet you. :o)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how when a big black storm cloud is hanging over you suddenly a little ray of sunshine manages to shine through. What a lovely gift for you Nick - a signed Packers shirt!! I think you've got a pretty neat collection of signed shirts now.
Plus WHACKY funds rolling in. You have the most amazing support system of people who you all have touched with your love and strength. Let's keep clearing these hurdles that cancer keeps setting up for you and move forward to some fun times in Moab with First Descents. Sending strength, healing and lots of positive vibes. GM Jennie xxxx

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
With all those winners on your side, you have already won! May God's grace continually cover you and may your scans on Monday show His mercy and love - for you and for us. God bless WACKY Warriors.
aunt Chris

Debi said...

This is Deb, Larry's wife. I want you to know how much Larry thinks about Nick, prays for him, and makes him a part of the continuing conversation in our family. He is so honored to have the opportunity to race for WACKY and we will all be at Leadville dressed like maniacs to cheer him on and raise awareness for WACKY. Blessings to your family!