Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spirit Ribbons

I have to say, Friday and Saturday were hard days for Nick. He was pretty sick and I called in the nurse. She gave him some different meds to keep his stomach calm (it worked) and we increased his pain meds again (it worked). He slept on and off most of the time on the couch, always wanting to be nearby everyone in the center of the house.

As Nick gets weaker, my emotions grow stronger, right out there on my sleeve, next to the tissues. Nick has asked me to help him write a few letters of gratitude to those he has special connections with. We did it, although he was in and out of sleep (thank goodness, so he couldn't see my tears as he spoke and I typed). Some of the emails we have received are so amazingly eloquent and I'm not sure my wavering voice does them justice as I read them aloud to Nick.

Kelsey had her first tournament with her comp team, the Bukoos, this weekend. There are two teammates that now play with another team - Avalanche - this year, but we remain close to the players and parents, regardless of their uniform color. The Bukoos have been integral in our annual charity softball tournaments, with an obvious emotional connection with Kelsey and Nick. At the last charity tournament, one of the mom's handed out "Spirit Ribbons" for each player, parent, umpire, etc. to wear throughout the tournament in support of Nick. Todd and I have been taking turns going to Kelsey's games this weekend (along with Lee, Carly and grandparents). When I arrived to Saturday's game, the entire Avalanche team, including coaches and parents, were wearing the same "Spirit Ribbons", again showing support for Nick's journey. Where is that tissue?

We still have connections, too, with Carly's old comp team, Xtreme. They always volunteer at the charity tournaments - couldn't do it without them. Carly has been our personal angel here at home, bringing out comedy videos, running errands, joining Nick in scolding me on my parenting skills with Kelsey, "I believe our curfew was 9:00!!!!" or just hanging out on the couch with Nick. Sweet girl. Tissue?

Makelle left this morning and my parents leave early this afternoon. Just bring me the box...

Nick is doing well this morning, so I'm doing well this morning. Please keep those prayers coming - they are working miracles in our home!

Love Lori


Debi said...

Posted a couple of pictures of Larry riding the Ironhorse with Nick's photo pinned to his gloves on the WW facebook page. Thought of you guys all weekend!
Deb Linne

Anonymous said...

Nick, you are foremost on my mind this weekend. I am honored to have met you and your family. One of the two best days in my military career was assisting in getting you on Black Hawk ride some time ago. Your impression on me, my family and members of B Co RSP are timeless. Brad and Laurel Wilkinson

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
May the Holy Spirit continually fill you and sustain you all your days on this earth. Amen
Sincere love and gratitude for you Nick! You will always be part of my prayer journey. God bless you and your home.
aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

So happy the new meds seem to be working. Can't think of anything else these days - just you guys. Everyone who knows you or knows of you are sending their love and angels. As always....... GM Jennie xx