Thursday, May 26, 2011

Water for Elephants

Nick has been doing quite well these past few days, despite having to slowly increase his pain medication and his tummy isn't looking so good. He is sleeping well at night and yesterday, he actually talked Lee & Carly into taking him to go see "Water for Elephants" and loved it. It was quite an adventure getting off the couch and doing something "normal" for a few hours. Kelsey and I had to attend her end-of-season high school softball barbecue - she received her high school letter as a freshman, so it was a big deal for her.

Makelle surprised him yesterday by flying in from Philadelphia; he was really happy to see her. The entire entourage of cutie pies descended upon our couch last night, rooting on the American Idol finalists. Also, Grandma & Grandpa arrive yesterday, too, visiting for a couple of days. Add the two dogs and we have a full house.

But today, he isn't feeling too well and wasn't up to having any visitors. Regardless, his spirits are in fine fettle as Carly, Nick and I watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" DVD; I was in the middle with Nick and Carly singing along. It was a great time for me and still makes me smile.

We have been inundated with emails, texts and postings - THANK YOU all so much! It is wonderful to have such a whirlwind of prayerful energy surround our home and hearts. Our house must be glowing. Although surreal, it is good. Nick and I are working through things slowly, but tenderly. Mostly I just sit by him on the couch and rub his feet, hands or his head. He has enough hair now to get bed head. Cute.

With love,



Rhiannon Petrick said...

Heart breaking & beautiful posts, Lori! I love you guys & am praying for peace for the whole family... Finding comfort that he'll be with Jesus & when we all see him again he'll be all tan & looking amazing! (He's still a sweet little tan thing with a shy smile in my mind's eye!).

Blessings, your cousin Rhiannon

Jenn_W said...

Nick is by far the most brave and inspiring person I will ever know. He is in my family's thoughts everyday, but it's hard to truly express how you feel in words. I wish I had a picture of Eleanor when she was tickling Nick just a few weeks ago. I am so happy that you are able to spend such beautiful, joyful time together in the face of so many fears.

Much love,

Jenn, Tom and Eleanor

Anonymous said...

You are all so good at making magical moments. And Nick you are the shining star. Love to you all GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Nick and family,
Water for Elephants is a favorite of ours too. That story captured how a human spirit can rise in the midst of loss, fear, and adversity. Sweet Nick, your spirit is soaring!
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask with faith and hope that your perfect will be done. May your hands of comfort be on Nick, your hands of love be on those who visit, your hands of peace be on Nick's family, your hands of creation be on all who are praying for Nick. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Lori I have told you a couple of times how your "mothering" has been so awe inspiring to me. I for years have logged in EVERY day to read your posts. There are those days I find a new post... and then there are those days I just re-read the old posts :) It has become a regimen. The piece that adore is that in all the chaos around you, you find that ray of light. The lesson and the gift that you, Nick and your family have given is that the ray of light is always there... just look. I just wanted you to know that your experience has been felt, and the way you continue to travel this journey is inspiring. The LOVE beams out. Nick was blessed when God gifted him to you all those years ago.

continued prayers... Candi Warren

Anonymous said...

Lori, when I think of you, one word above all others comes to mind: grace. I've known a few people who shine with God's grace and I am so thankful that you and Nick are part of my life. And Nick, I draw strength from your determination. You're an incredible young man and I pray for you every day. I pray for your whole family...hugs for everyone. God be with you, dear friends....Debbie Bryner in Anchorage, Alaska

Anonymous said...

Hello Nickname!!! I just wanted you to know that I think of you daily. I feel so lucky that I got to meet you and hang out during the first FD camp this year. One of my most memorable times with you was when you took me to see the horses with Remix, Lil Bit, and Spider roll. I had sooo much fun learning how to rope cattle!! haha I know our paths will cross again one day and I can't wait. Remember when you showed up at the cabin all dressed up in your cowboy duds?? I said to you, "WOW, I think you are going to be my next crush!!" haha But anyway, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am thinking of you and sending healing vibes your way. It sounds like you are surrounded by so much love. Cancer sucks but it did leave a little piece of you in my heart! Love, UNO!!