Sunday, October 28, 2007

Man with a cause

Nick here...

I received and email just recently from Dan, who is my cousin, and he sent me a picture of a motorcyle with a "Get Well! Nick+Amy" sticker on it. It turns out the guy riding the bike was racing in the Grand National Finals in GA (WERA national championship). Amy and I (our names) are making it around the country. The guy racing with the sticker on his bike is Dave Rosnot ( and Dan says he is a really good guy. He must be if has my name on it! ha ha. No I can really tell he is a good guy because he races to fight childhood cancer and it is obvious he is doing the most to help out with beating cancer.

I have a cool picture too!

Thanks Dave!


Dan Jasa said...

After you get done with all your treatments we'll have to get you out on the track on the back of one of our bikes to give you a ride.
Keep going strong!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Not sure if the last comment went through or not...Found your site, am a young adult sarcoma survivor too (Askin's Tumor of the spinal cord). Wanted to send best wishes and tell you if you want to check out my site, feel free!


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I am always in awe of God when I see how HE connects all things for good. Nick to Amy to Dan to Dave to Grand National Final spectators to Georgia to TV to Internet to the world. As you lie in your hospital bed this week - I hope your spirit feels exaltation as your name races around a motorcycle track. Love, aunt Chris