Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pink in the Rink

Tonight was my third day straight of awesome memories! Me and about 20 other friends and family attended a Utah Grizzlies hockey game tonight which honored people with breast cancer and raised money to go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute where I will receive chemo tomorrow. Tonights game was called "Pink in the Rink" because the ice is pink to represent breast cancer. The players also wear pink jerseys with ribbons on them, which was pretty cool.

We had dinner with everyone at Chilis before the game, where mostly everyone was wearing the "N.W.R. Cowboy Up" shirts that were made for the cancer walk I did awhile ago.

We then went to the game where we had front row seats right on the glass, which is always fun because you can bang on the glass and yell at the players. And you dont have anyone in front of you blocking your vision. It was cool seeing the players up close, especially since I had met all of them the day before. The guys and I did a lot of trash talking to the other team, which I believe led the Grizzlies to their wonderful win in a shootout. I am so glad I got to see a shootout! I love shootouts!

During the 2nd period intermission, I told my friends I had to go use the restroom and would be back in a second. 5 minutes later they were shocked to see me waving at them from the other side of the glass, because I was riding on the zamboni! They were all jealous and everyone just went wild. The zamboni ride was really cool and I liked showing off my jersey that I have with my name and high school number on it. I also have a pin that says "cancer sucks" that I wore too so hopefully people were able to see that.

It was nice doing some amazing things before I have to go back into the hospital tomorrow for my 8th round of chemo. I want to thank again my Mom for getting all the tickets and people to come to the game. Also for arranging the zamboni ride and meeting with the team. I also want to thank everyone who came to the game and supported me and the Huntsman. Lastly I want to thank the Grizzlies for being really cool guys and playing the best game alive!

Oh yah...... here are some pics


Chris Ulvin said...

Joyful Sunday Morning Nick,
Three great days in a row - WOW - which as we all know is MOM upside down - or is that rightside up? Either way, you have a dear mom. I enjoyed your newest post and giggled when I saw the pink ice in the background of your Zamboni picture. I wondered how many spectators in the arena were saying "I didn't know young men could get breast cancer?" I also liked your comment "I love shootouts". This next week is a shootout - I'm praying you'll be the victor - just like your hometown Grizzlies. Love, aunt Chris

Jay said...

Zamboni, Helicopter, Motorcycle.
What do they all have in common?
A great kid enjoying a great ride.
What's next?
SuperSlider Sno Skates with Thumper the Rabbit?
Boarding in Park City with your pals?
Whatever you do, enjoy the ride. We love hearing you share your experiences.
With Awe,
Your Old Canadian Buddy