Friday, October 26, 2007

Utah Grizzlies Rock!

Nick here...

So today I drove down with my Grandparents and Mom to the E center where we met up with my good friend Joey (who I played hockey with) and my step-dad Lee. We got there around 10 a.m. and we met with Adrian who is the PR guy. He was really cool and was able to take us into the locker room and show us around to see what its like to be a Grizzlie hockey player. He also told us a story about the whole team going on The Price Is Right show in California, where my favorite player, Eddie Cambell (who no longer plays for the Grizzlies), won the entire showcase.

After checking out the locker room we stood in the team bench on the ice where we watched the team practice. They are so much faster when you watch them in person and it is cool to see how skilled they are. One of the players, Ian Forbes, is 6 feet 7 inches without skates and was a giant on the ice. I would be terrified if I saw him bearing down on me while I was playing hockey.

The team took a break half way through their practice and they sat in the locker room, where the coach who they called "Smurf", gave me a really cool introduction to the team. The entire team clapped and it was a really cool feeling. They then all shook my hand and told me their names (even though I do not remember most of them). Most of the players had humongous hands that made me feel like a little boy again but it was still an honor. The team captain, Travis Rycroft (who is now my favorite player), was a really nice guy and talked to me a little bit. He isn't a big guy like most hockey players but he can sure play the game. They guys gave me an authentic jersey with their signatures on it and I will be wearing it at the game to represent my "awesomeness".

After the awesome moment in the locker room we watched them finish up their practice. While they were finishing up, Joey and I did a lot of talking with the two goalies who were both funny guys. One was from Boston and did a little dance when Joey mentioned the Red Sox. Ha! I then tried to get Adrian to let me and Joey take our skates and goof around a little bit on the ice. But unfortunately the ice needed a lot of work for the game tonight so we weren't able to. However, he said I can come back anytime for another practice and get a little ice time. I will definitely be back soon. So it was a great day and I cant wait for tomorrow night where 26 of us will be going to the "Pink in the Rink" game at the E center. All of our tickets go to the Huntsman and help out with the research and care that goes on there. It will be cool.

Lastly, I want to thank my mom for setting this up, and Adrian for being so cool and making everything happen. It was a really cool experience. I told Adrian I want a job when I am done with treatments.

Well here are some pics.....

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Chris Ulvin said...

Scout Nick,
The LA Kings could use some of that height, skill, and luck (the entire showcase?) that the Grizzlies have. On your next visit to California you'll have to bring that jersey - it will be worth the price of your airline ticket to hear the comments Dave and crew will make about those signatures while you watch their beloved Kings lose - opps, I meant play. Continue to play hard Nick. Love, aunt Chris