Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Many friends and family members have asked how they can donate to help with our (the world’s!) fight against cancer. Your generosity is overwhelming!

My first recommendation would be to support the Huntsman Cancer Institute. They offer several ways to donate, including the ability to designate your donation to support research, patient care or a specific cancer type. Click on the link below (or cut and paste) to view:


Next, I am reprinting excerpts from an email posted from the list co-owner of "Rhabdo-Kids”, Joan Darling. She provided an excellent collection of various entities to support, as well as discussing the overall issues in donating:

On Sun, 16 Sep 2007, a question was presented:
“How can each of us be more effective in raising funds for research and awareness of these diseases?”

Joan responded:
“In my opinion, we are more effective if we combine forces. Although a lot of people would like to focus on research for rhabdo specifically, and that is a good goal, it's a hard sell when only 400 Americans a year get the disease. And research into childhood cancers (and sarcomas) is interdependent to some extent - treatments for rhabdo may evolve from treatments for Ewings sarcoma; Gleevec was developed for a type of leukemia but is used for at least one sarcoma, I could go on.

However, government support for childhood cancer research and sarcoma research is being cut. I don't know that private contributions can come even close to making up the difference, so I would urge everyone to try to get government funding back up.”

Joan provided the following options.

For childhood cancer research:
CureSearch/COG (CureSearch has a research fund dedicated to rhabdo research that was started by Nick, whose mom is a member of this list.)
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Plan an event

Write to your congressperson asking them to support the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act

Candlelighters has awareness links

Sarcoma Research and Support:
Sarcoma Foundation of America

Sarcoma Alliance

Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

Rhabdomyosarcoma Researchers working on the underlying biology of rhabdo:
Dr. Frederick Barr
Dr. Timothy Triche
Dr. Timothy Cripe

As we are preparing to go to New York to obtain a second opinion, we also recognize the value of Ronald McDonald House Charities:

Another alternative would be to donate to the foundation we have established at work: The Empowered Wealth Foundation. I would personally make sure your donation would be appropriately applied towards one of the above mentioned charities.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me at: lorib@quadrantliving.com. Thank you!


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Chris Ulvin said...

Merry Christmas Lori and family,
Thank you for researching and posting information on how we can participate in the grace of giving this holiday season. May God bless everyone who has been touched by Nick's courage and hope.
In Christ's love, aunt Chris