Sunday, December 30, 2007

PET Scan Results

Nick had his PET scan done on Friday afternoon - took 3 hours to complete. The radiation department stayed late to help me get 2 sets of cd's made and I was able to get a copy of the scan to both NY & Boston hospitals via Fed X. I received the report and here is how I read the results (this is similar to reading ancient Hebrew):

There is an increase in activity in the original tumor site. When diagnosed in April, the activity level was 10.7 (critical); in August, it went down to 1.6; Friday it is 5.2. I wasn't able to tell what the size of the tumor is, tho. Good news is that the lymph node activity dropped from 3 in August to 2.5 and there are no other traces in his body - YAY!

I have a call into his oncologist here in SLC so she can really tell me what the scan results really mean. I'm assuming we will have surgery. I don't think I'll hear back from NY & Boston until later in the week.

More to follow.

Lori (Mom)

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
Many thanks for your diligence, thoughtfulness, and LOVE. God bless you in the weeks ahead. Hugs and more hugs, Chris